A HeArtful of Ideas 6

1) Cleaning Up and Sharing Our Stories 

Brothers had been on each other’s nerves on one of the mornings and I took away their playtime privilege to help me clean the dusty and lizard filled poo cabinet filled with our Photo Albums. ; p
They took turns to clean the cabinet and even my girl joined in to help clean the dusty albums. It was in fact, the warmest consequence to give them. They cleaned them meticulously and we enjoyed a time of learning our family tree. Precious Memories unfolded as they flipped through their Papa and Mama’s past. How about getting your kids to do so too? : )IMG_9469 IMG_9467

2) DIY Card Matching Game 

A simple DIY Matching Card Game to train sharper observation skills. I did this years ago but only discovered it again while decluttering! ; p And this game was a hit with all 3. I saw this page in National Geographic Mag filled with beautiful snapshots of Hornbill birds collaged perfectly. It was perfect for an Identification matching game! So I photocopied another set and laminated them. Due to the special breed, it offers a great challenge for the eyes to discern the differences between them. The photocopied version also increased the level of difficulty in matching them. In other words, they need to rely on the detailed observation of the bird’s design instead of relying on colours. This game helps to improve their observation skills on top of memory skills.

IMG_9208-001 IMG_9212-001 IMG_9213-001 IMG_9215-001

3) Bring back the Old School Board Games!

During our recent trip, we brought our Singapore Monopoly Board Game to play. Hubby is the game master who introduces card and board games to kiddos. It is really a great time of learning through play and definitely an enhanced family bonding time! Even our lil girl does her part by matching the correct cash value to the correct pile of notes. Boys learn to read the cards and do addition with the dices and so on. If you haven’t, it’s time we go back to Old School Playing of cards and board games! : )


  4) Just for Laughs

The kids were playing with chalk and mud kitchen  outside the corridor when they suddenly scurried in looking the below, sparkling with excitement in their Ah-Ha moments.


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