Come Play with Me (7)

These are candid moments of how the kiddos exercise their own imagination and initiatives in Free Play. A lot of materials were taken from their Art Station where they can reach easily by themselves.

 1) Rings on Roll

E took a kitchen towel Roll and used PVC (I recycled the Kid’s paste glue) glue to stick those rings on the roll. 1-2014-11-04

A then asked to play with it and played his own ‘tune’ and combined with J’s battle play.1-2014-11-041

2) Army Play

Ok, they’re pretty much into army play as we’re preparing J’s Army Party! They helped themselves to the Art Station which I included some aluminium ‘coins’ recycled from those chocolate coin treats. The red ‘canon’ like guns are actually recycled from a friend’s wedding. They’re huge party poppers! They’ve been playing with these for a year and never got tired of them!

1-Collages2   1-IMG_9996

3)Stamp a Storm

Tired from too much action? Just settle them down with some stamps!


4) Create your own stories (write or illustrate) and share with your toys

They decided to make a ‘story book’ from a thin stack of papers which they asked me to staple together. J then gathered his soft toys and propped his storybook to let Bear ‘read’. The book’s title? The Bear and the Bee. He grinned and said, “Mum, look, why is the bear reading this? It’s because he’s a bear! And he’s reading his own story!” ME:  “Erm, Ok son!” I chuckled in return. When was the last time we marvel at the obvious? Or take pleasure at the simplicity of life? : ) Am reminded to find pleasure in the simple things.

1-IMG_9847 1-IMG_9846

5) Play Hide N Seek using your toys!

2014-08-21  2014-08-211

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