Tent? Check! Lights? Check! Ammunition? Check!.?.!.?.!..?. !..

The day finally arrived! We still had last minute loose ends to tie. There were too much stuffs to bring so I went without a stand for the Soldier Target Board. Thank God for the great green surroundings which made the Army experience even more convincing! : )

1-joash army 2

We brought along our instant pop up tent for a ‘camping’ experience. 1-joash army

We also found a perfect spot for the Soldier target using the short lamp stand as a support. As you can see even my adult cousin couldn’t resist trying out the ammunition. ; p

1-joash army 4                                                                                                                                                                      I also brought along our Army floor mat for the children to gather and decorate their ammunition with stickers and occupy them of course. : )



A close friend JN brought Bubbles solution for them to blow away their time and provided joy to the party!

1-2014-11-083                                                                                                                                                                      These are my fun loving and very ‘On’ couple who wore the real thing to our party just to give my lil soldier their support! Thanks MH and SH!

1-joash army 3 1-IMG_00501-IMG_0072   Sky Grenade Launch!

As the night fell, I brought out the LED Light which I got from Daiso. They were thrilled to play with them in and out of the tent like excited adventurers! I was glad I got them and would’ve bought more if I had known how much they loved them!


The highlight (apart from the LED lights) was this handmade with love ‘Army’ cake done by my youngest sister Chu. Thanks for the hardwork and heartful creation Chu! We then added the toys given so timely by my friend! Thanks again Jas! (This is another story of faith for another post) The cake apart from being a visual feast, it was one of the tastiest cake we’ve had! Her very own creation of Lychee Strawberry Shortcake with crunchy Pearl Mascarpone Cheese and fruits.


The most important person of all would be my dearest hubby who worked tirelessly at the BBQ Pit barbecuing the Wings, Satays and plenty more to serve our cherished relatives and friends! Thank You Dear!


1-IMG_0123 Precious moment!

It’s a pity we couldn’t capture many more photos of our kins and friends. Nontheless, we thank God for all your wonderful relationships and appreciate your presence that made a party meaningful! Thank you for the love gifts from the heart too.

Friends have commented that we’ve put a lot of effort into this party. As we had already spent on the BBQ Buffet, I wanted to save on the expenses for the children’s goodie bags and games. The principle behind this party was to allow the children to have a meaningful and fun time of games and companion. If we cannot afford to spend on gifts, we could at least make the effort to bless others. Our Goodie Bags were simply a packet of Cereal and Milo. We concentrated on creating the games which would engage the kids and fire up imagination instead. This is afterall a kids’ party? : ) I was glad to receive feedback that the kids had a blast. That was all worth it. Having said that, we also can’t afford to hold such parties for all 3 kids every year. So we decided we’ll only hold such big parties in their milestones of ages 5, 10, 15 etc.

Last but not least, we really praise God for the answered prayers by holding the rain till most of our guests have left after the party was over! Seriously, it doesn’t matter how much effort we put in if the Lord doesn’t grant us good health and in our case, good weather. We felt His special covering as when we were packing up our stuffs, the downpour came like a flood! Thanks to my cousin’s family, eldest sis and a couple who stayed on to help us pack in the rain. We were really blessed to have such a successful outdoor party by the gracious hand of our doting God!

Unless the LORD builds the house,

its builders labour in vain. Psalm 127: 1


To know the process of our Birthday preparation, hop over HERE.

For more of GrowingHearts, come join us at our FaceBook. Have a Great Day! : )

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to J!
    I love the soldier target and the tanker cake. I too, do not hold elaborated celebrations for all my kids’ birthdays every year. We do it on key milestones too 🙂 I think it’s just being more wise with resources. 🙂

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