Yahoo to 5km Mission Accomplished! 10km here I come…. : )

1-GE Run

The long awaited Great Eastern Women’s Run has finally arrived and i stumbled out of bed, boiled an egg to make a sandwich before my sweet hubby sent me to the Singapore Flyer for the 5km Fun Run. As this was my first time joining a run,  I was clueless as to what to expect. My hubby passed me his arm pouch and I was glad to heed his advice. Bring only yourself, your mobile phone, EZ link Card and a few notes PLUS the Number Tag for identification. Another useful tip from hubby was to wear a different top so that my Singapore Mom Bloggers friends and my family could identify me in the mass of red. We have been communicating through Watsapp and I have only met 2 of them so far.

I was glad, I did the above as there was no need to go through the hassle of depositing and retrieving belongings in the massive queue. My friends also spotted me shortly. Prior to this, I had been training up for this run. Come to think of it, we had registered for this run in July! To know why I trained up and decided to participate in this run, do read Hubby, Step by Step I will get There.

All these perks would not be possible without the help from Liz who was able to offer us FOC registration for the race. You can read about her race experience @

The night before this run, I had been occupied with my middle child’s Army Birthday Party.  Therefore I thank God for giving me the strength I needed to wake up early for the event! I met up with SMB Christy and Meiling.

It is a great satisfaction to break my own targeted timing. I had targeted for 40mins and I did it within 33mins! Nothing great to runners, just a personal accomplishment at this stage of my mummyhood. : ) The months of jogging has improved my timing and built up my muscles literally. All thanks to my hubby and family’s support! Plus the motivating blogger mums!


My watch says 33 but my results were this

Congratulations on completing, with a finish time of:0:32:08. : )

We made it! Christy in the center and Meiling on the right.


This GE Run has sparked off the sporting side of me. I used to be very active but somehow got into the rut of child caring and didn’t have much time to care for myself. After this run, I will be joining my hubby for more of such Race events! My next goal will be 10km in 2015. What made it extra special was the surprise pick me up by my family and the below breakfast reward! : )


1-GE treat

1-GE my kids

1-GE 2


Thanks to the GE Women’s Run Supportive Team who organised many fringe events for our lifestyle changes to a fitter Us!

Thanks for running through my post!

For more of GrowingHearts, come join us at our FaceBook. Have a Great Day! : )






    • Hey Christy, it’s really own time own target! I target this so that I can reach my goal faster to fulfill my couplehood dream remember? Not so much for speed, but really training consistently for the 21km. If I didn’t have this mission, I probably wouldn’t be so on…; p Appreciate you ladies’ online support that made it easier! Yes, will let you know of the next run! : ) Let’s go go go!

  1. Hi Angelia! 🙂

    Our team at Agape Babies really loves your writing, and would love to contact you personally with regards to a collaboration. Could we please get your email to contact you?

    Alternatively, you can drop us a personal message on our facebook page for us to contact you. Have a great week ahead!


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