Simple Stir Up of a Child’s Imagination. Simply Stick & Draw!

This idea was inspired mainly by my Grace-filled friend as she always has a case of pencils/colour pencils, small pieces of papers and the magic ingredient for this post- STICKERS at hand where ever she goes. Below are a few works of her girls aged 7 and 3 yo.  Below are a few examples of their works. Please pardon the not so clear images as they were taken randomly in the past.




The following are my Children’s Sticker Art. : ) Initially, I limited their use of only 3 stickers per sheet of paper so that they can exercise more of their drawings. But Oh well, they soon forgot about the limitations and freely flowed in their imaginations! These papers are actually the size of a palm (mini notepad size) which is easy to handle and allows multiple creation of scenes instead of mere filling up of one big scene. I brought along this activity for them to occupy during my church service and they were engaged silently for over an hour! This would be great for weddings, pocket time slots of waiting for doctor etc.







This was the result of watching Basketball live at our Singapore Stadium. The many heads are the audience watching the game at play.




I like this simple fish under the sea illustration with only one wavy line to convey the message.



This is E’s version.

The below was J’s own initiative after this episode of sticker art, he used his own stickers that was a gift and proudly ‘hung’ them onto our furniture for display.




1-20141102_090435Sticker Art in Action

What are you waiting for? Sticker Attack! : )

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