My Lil Sunny Bunny

My Lil Bunny (born in the year of the rabbit),

As I saw how you eagerly worked on your paintings, how you energetically played with your brothers and yet how different you are from your brothers, it brings me back to how wonderfully you have been made…. It made me pen down this letter so that I will not forget to give thanks continually and to let you know the story of faith unfolded in you.



I was really excited when I discovered you would be a girl as you would have 2 great brothers to take care and protect you! It’s also because mummy is well, mummy, not daddy, so it’s great to have a girl company in the house of guys. : )

Having you wasn’t easy 3 years ago especially when I was told you could be more than 50% chance of being a Down Syndrome baby by my gynecologist. They had ‘measured’ your nose bridge and determined it was way too flat. To cut the story short, that was when daddy and mummy was stretched in our faith. We didn’t want to do any tests to confirm if you would be. It shouldn’t matter anyway. You were a precious life.

1-IMG_0296My conflicting emotions

Nonetheless, we prayed for God to do a healing miracle in your forming body throughout the whole pregnancy and trusted God to know what He was doing.

Exodus 4:11 was the devotion for one of those days after struggling for a few weeks. The devotion passage below just spoke right to my heart and uplifted my whole countenance with God’s rushing peace.


We finally named you Emma. In English it means Whole; complete. We know that no matter what, You would be wholesome in God’s eyes and made perfectly as He purposed.

The phrase ‘She would glorify Him most just the way she was.’  soothed my worried heart.  Shouldn’t it be that way? Isn’t it wonderful?

Through your birth, our level of understanding and appreciation for life deepened. You came out wholesome and we were filled with thanksgiving and praise! To us, your birth was a miracle! Having said that, we also were prepared deep within that even if you were born not ‘normal’, we knew God sees the perfect plan for all of us. We had come away feeling the preciousness of the ‘normal’ and the not so ‘normal’. Even with the ordinary, we already have our shares of ups and downs. As for those with special children? They are to be treated with greater honour and extra special care by chosen caretakers whom God has destined to fulfill His own perfect and beautiful purposes.

All Children

Those who have special needs and those who don’t –

have been designed for a special purpose.

Within God’s Perfect Plan.

Remember, You are precious in His eyes and in our Yeow family’s eyes the moment our Father decided to create you in my womb. We thank God for who you are and pray above all, for your heart to be after our Father’s heart.

Looking forward to the growing up years with you!

Ma Ma.

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Have a blessed day!


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