Next year we’ll be 10 you say.


To my Dear-iest,

Last night was simply wonderful having a dinner out with your as usual, always great planning via groupon savings. : ) Last month was hectic and bleary after kids and I fell ill while you were away awhile. Now with our helper going back for 2 weeks, de-cluttering and preparation for the kids’ Christmas Advent Canvases filled my mind till we stepped out of the house for our Anniversary Dinner after settling all of them in bed. I almost forgot we had to go out till my buddy wished me a blessed Anniversary!

You hardly make such mistakes but somehow we went to the wrong mall last night. You saw how tired I was and bid me to wait at the lobby while you went back to get the car yourself. You know, it’s such little acts of loving kindnesses that are deposited into the love bank of my heart throughout the years of marriage.

I have always been the passive one in planning events and holidays for the family. I recall even our wedding, most bride to bes would be scurrying and fussing over details of the procession, while I was relaxing at a spa allowing my hands and feet to be polished for the big day and sleeping very early that night. You were occupied with the administrative stuffs and tying up loose ends with your efficient and supportive church mates. I really didn’t know how much stress I was spared from the wedding till I saw the beautiful church decorations, the smooth ceremony that took place on that grand day.

You are the one to cater food and venue for all occasions. I just need to do the programme and decor. I could trust you for anything. Big and small. You trusted me to take care of the household and provided whatever you can. Of course, there was this period that I wish you could do better. I.e When the kids were babies, a lot of work fell mainly on me. I couldn’t understand why you were not as hands on with the babies. You would carry and try to play with them but left the rest of the physical caring to me. But that period passed quickly and once they were able to walk, you became the hands on father I knew you to be. Now, I am impressed that you can handle all 3 of them by yourself so that I could be given moments of respite!

Thank you for making the commitment to go through together this love’s rough journey when we made the vow before our Heavenly Father. Rough simply because we’re all fallen beings and will have our failings to endure. Nonthless, we have a wonderful God who constantly renews our hearts, minds and spirits to be transformed from glory to glory.

Thank you for cherishing me as a lover first and respecting me as the mother of our children. I am confident our boys will grow into men who would respect women and our girl will choose wisely a partner who would respect and treasure her because of your godly example.

You always joked about how I should die before you do. Your reason became clear along the way. You know how emotional I am and you can’t bear the thought of having me cry over you….

Love was when Christ gave his life for us.

He not only gave me his best,

He pampered me when He gave me you.

Yours forever,


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Have a blessed day!

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