For my Lil Bunny from Sunshine Kids!

Everything was for the B.O.Y.S. Toys for boys, clothes for boys and tools for boys. That was before my girl came. Haha.

When we knew we would have a baby girl arriving home, we erm didn’t make much changes either. She wore the boys’ clothes and  not so boyish clothes would be ok to go out with. Anyway, you’ll outgrow those clothes and the comfort level beats new infant clothes. Thanks to our church friends who passed down aplenty of girl-y clothes subsequently, and her third aunt who had a suitcase for her, we also needn’t spend a cent. So I was spared the temptation of shopping for clothes for her. So far I recall, I only bought 1 dress for her (as it was a $15 Raph Lauren steal! for Chinese New Year 2013)

We figured toys would also be fine, legos, blocks all neutral what…..

Until E grew up to be 3 YO. I realised there is a significant difference between boy and girl play. E was totally a different person when I first brought her to a play date with another 2 girls. I saw how she went delirious with the teatime setups, dressing up sessions and played daintily as can be! I was like???? Wow… I suppose she never had the chance to play ‘daintily’ with the brothers…. ; P

So when the Sunshine Kids offered E a dress for me to do a review, I did a thorough check on their website before agreeing. I was impressed! Their variety of dresses- the classy, the pretty flowers designs, the simple elegance, and dainty dresses won me over. By the way, their dresses are designed for special occasions.  I was particularly mesmerised by the unique dress with bunny prints. It was a touch of art and meaningful for E since she was born in the year of a rabbit. : ) This dress came just in time for the wedding that our close relative will be holding in Jan! Double Yeah! : )

By the way, I did my homework and checked out dresses in major stores like BHG, Kiddy palace and more atas (high-class) places like Paragon to compare the quality and prices for such special occasion dresses. Either the designs are unattractive yet costly, or they are so so. Seems like the Sunshine Kids still got the upper hand. In terms of quality and styles, the dresses are value for money. The more atas store specialises in flower girl dresses as well fetching a whooping price of $200 minimum for my girl’s size! That said, their grade is of course at the top. In my opinion, that kind of dress cannot be worn in other occasions as they are too formal and heavy (due to the many layers beneath). For Sunshine kids, the dresses are fit for formal occasions and for any parties. But of course if you are loaded, then you can afford to choose the best. Well, that’s just my two cents’ worth. : ) This particular dress has 3 layers, 2 pieces of satin underskirts and the organza bunny prints with the tiny pink ribbons. Ok, now you know I am the one in love with the dress!




They’ve begun to include a casual line for girls and boys (starting soon) too! They also sell quality shoes, plus a whole range of stylish bags and luggages.

The Sunshine kids also partnered with Agape Babies, to form a multi-store. This means we can shop between both stores and checkout in 1 shopping cart. Agape Babies specializes in baby essentials such as diapers, milk, skincare, organic food, toys, books and more! They are partnered with over 150 premium brands and retail over 3000 products. So pop over to check them out if you want fuss free shopping to your doorstep.

For those mums who devour magazines, they’ve launched a new parenting & lifestyle blog, The Agape Lifestyle. They give you their hottest picks, tips on babycare, load you with recipes for babies and todds and a whole lot more.


Do check them out on Facebook and Instagram if you want to be updated of great deals especially this season!

Sunshine Kids Discount Code for Growing Hearts Readers

For GrowingHeart Readers,  simply key in “growinghearts before checking out. This will entitle you to 15% off their dresses (excluding the sale category). This code will be valid till 10 Jan 2015. Happy Shopping!

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Have a blessed day!

Disclaimer: We received a dress for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are genuine from the blogger. 



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