All worthwhile. Stay Under The Umbrella.

The secret of success is constancy to purpose.                                                                    – Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Baconsfield.

In Mark Demoss’ The Little Book of Wisdom, he captured the essence of Finding and Keeping your focus in Life.

He gave many examples of how outstanding characters rejected outrageous offers which didn’t align to these characters’ motto or area of focus. John a missionary who turned down a $200,000 salary offer because he knew his calling and didn’t allow money or anything else sidetrack him. He was contented to ‘stay under the umbrella’.

Demoss calls it

focus- that internal compass that keeps a person on track with his gifts, his purpose, and his goals.

He goes on to give statistics on how frequent people change their jobs.

I like his inclusion of Walt Disney’s quote “Find a job that you like so much that you’d do it without compensation; then do it so well that people will pay you to continue.”

Ok, Idealism here?  The reality is majority of people don’t have such jobs right? But for those who do, it’s gold.

I struck gold.

The funny thing is, I don’t even ‘like’ art. It so happens God gave me this talent and paved my career when NIE (National Institute of Education) selected me to teach Art over P.E (Physical Education) when I applied for both. God knew my frame better than myself. I was sorely disappointed but not surprised. One thing that was sure- my calling to TEACH. In my case, majorly in Art. At least that’s under the MOE (Ministry of Education) umbrella. Now, I can’t teach without bringing in some form of hands on artistic touch. And I’ve grown to fully embrace this artistic background I have as I teach my own children at home. I have finally struck gold.

I love Teaching. Period. I guess it doesn’t matter what I teach, but it does make a difference if I am able to teach what I am good at. Have I been focused in 2014? How can I continue to be focused in 2015  with my gifts, purpose and goals?

One thing is for sure, in the past, my job was my delight and I could workworkWork… and get paid. Last year I stopped work completely for half of the  year. Coming year, I’ll be picking back a bit of work but still only wee bit so that I don’t lose focus on my main calling at home but still able to contribute to society and stay in touch with the mainstream. At the same time, it’s not all family-centred but really Christ as the Centre and everything else will fall into place. 

I like how Demoss ends that chapter

‘ Whether you’re called to make twenty-three million envelopes a day or serve thirty million people a year, or raise your children, or sell a service, or build a house, or plant a yard: set your focus and stay with it. Focus is the discipline to say no to anything off mission- and that is true freedom. ‘

On a side note, I guess it goes the same for my blog. This will still be a HeArty sharing.


Reflecting back on 2014, there are no regrets going through those ups and some trying moments. Knowing All is Well with our Lord. Desiring to stay under the Umbrella of His Will for our family.

May 2015 be a year that we throw off all other distractions and temptations that might steer us away from our Focus in life. : )


BLESSINGS into the New Year ahead everyone! : )

Thank You for growing together with us this whole year!

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