A Mama’s Heart.

I didn’t have this issue with strangely my no. 1. Came no.2’s turn, it was especially hard for both my son and I. It was a long battle of one month’s wailing and sobs and tantrums just getting him ready and dragging him to school. We did everything we could to ease, soothe and by brute force to push J to school. He just didn’t want to go to school! He just wanted ME! Period. After the emotionally draining weeks gone by, I was at my wits end begging God to help us. I realised having homeschooled him for 4 years, this step of going to school was daunting to this child. He had never left my side.

Then I recollected the book I had read to him. This little girl, ‘Xiao Ping Guo’ (Little Apple) was also reluctant to go to school. It started with her mum tapping 3 times on her palm. To signify ‘ I Love You’. She still wasn’t convinced as she said she couldn’t see her love as she wasn’t physically with her. Her mum came up with a solution of sewing a lil heart for her to bring along to school to hang on the tree beside the classroom. It worked. The story goes on to how others caught on the wave and soon the tree had many hearts hanging on it. Only One boy did not have the heart as he only has a father. Eventually, the story had a happy ending conveying how each heart represents a ‘mother’s’ love – through the person who cares for the child be it daddy or grandmother.



I asked J if making something would appeal to him? *shake head* Ah! How about my photo? *DIng Ding Ding! Bright smile*

I hit the jackpot and hastily searched for a photo of him and me together and wrote a note to assure him of our love. Then as I gave him the photo, I asked him, so who would be with you? He recalled my words,  ‘ Your photo, and Jesus will be with me in my heart.’ We prayed and I sent a softened and more contented heart to school that day after a whole month. From then on, he slowly gained confidence to face the giant in his life.

This time round, I had to face my girl’s phase. She too, had been homeschooled till now. This year was her first time entering Nursery. The thing is, she was affected due to my negligence. I did not read carefully the dates and hadn’t prepared her to go solo for 2 days without korkor J. When she realised she’ll be alone, she broke down badly. However, I was determined not to give in. Albeit, it was still heart wrenching to see her being dragged into the classroom. The following day I did the same thing for her. Then comforted her with the same approach using Little Apple’s story (they are very familiar with it). She was happy to have my photo but still gave way to tears when approaching school.

Oh well, I was glad it was only 2 days! The third day both J and E could go together to school! Hooray! They are like peas in a pod. I was glad to have made the decision to change J’s school and E could also accompany him to a new school.



I had recycled a calendar’s page to make the photo’s frame with washi tape. What are the odds that the page I found had an apple tree? : ) The tree of love.

How do you manage your child’s first day of school? : )


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Have a blessed day!



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