A Heartful of Ideas 8 : Ideas for Practical Consequences

  1) Practice the Right way, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice, Practice…..


Is this a common scenario at home?

And why title this Practice the right way? Isn’t it obvious? It seemed obvious until a quote I’d read somewhere made me rethink. We always say ‘practice makes perfect’ right?Well, it doesn’t. We can practice the wrong way! So there, When my kids practiced ‘hanging’ the lazy way… the above resulted due to MY negligence. (*wince*)

I have been overlooking this poor habit of hanging in the boys’ room. Didn’t want to nag. Decided to finally make an effort to address this long messy issue. One day, I sat down on the stool at the door and made each of my kids pick up every piece of their crumpled clothes.

They had to practice hanging each piece 10 times. So in all, they spent 10 to 15mins just hanging the item, removing and putting it on a chair, then hanging it nicely again before removing etc. You get the picture. All 4-8 items.

Amazingly, no. 1 remembered to hang nicely the following day! well, when they do forget, the practice helped their memory. : )

The thing is, I need to be prepared to spend that time to follow through their actions each time they forget. I figured it’s worth it in the long run. But I need to remember myself and be consistent till they are weaned off from the poor habit and be renewed in the good.

How about you? Is there anything you need to be consistently doing a ‘follow through’ with your kids? : )


2) Using Relevant Consequences to Mete Out the ‘Offense’.



I found my daughter’s room being vandalised. Who’s the culprit? None other than herself. This was not her first time.

The principle of using appropriate consequences to mete out the ‘offense’ deeply resonated in me during a course I had attended. (Growing Kids God’s Way)

This time round to instill a sense of responsibility, I decided to let her not only clean up the marks on the floor, but also try washing off the stains she had done on the bedsheets herself.

I was pleasantly surprised by her willingness to amend her mistakes and she did a good job removing all the stains! (it was a good thing those markers were non permanent!) I didn’t know a 3 YO was capable of scrubbing and washing if not for this incident! Hope this one off consequence will stay with her…

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if her room is stainless (trust me, am no neat freak myself ; p ), what matters is the heart to learn how to respect properties. Especially outside of home.

For more ideas on practical consequences for undesired actions, read Eggcellent Eggxample of Restitution.

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Have a blessed day!

Are there any other ideas you employ to help your children instill good habits? Would love to learn too. : )



  1. They say “practice makes permanent”. 🙂 Thanks for this post to remind us to not give up on letting them do things for themselves, and to just keep practising! I agree with you, they need to learn actions lead to consequences!

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