{Review + Giveaway} HEAT and LIGHT Second book of JJ’s Science Adventure.

I had first knew about this local science book from a few blogs. Imagine my delight when I won Aurelia’s book on Magnets from  Kids R Simple! I was really thrilled as Christy’s review was insightful and informative. Do read her post for details on how the comic is presented for a clearer understanding. I will cover other aspects in this new book.

Aurelia subsequently e-mailed me if I enjoyed my giveaway and asked if I would like to do her other book! I was like, Of course! : )

My boys had devoured her Magnet Book the moment they saw my package! I discovered how she captured their attention. Mainly through the well illustrated comic format and comical scenes! Seriously, my 2 boys were hooked to this book reviewing it and found it so entertaining, they would rRrrRooooAAArrrr with laughter at times and reiterate the joke at the most random times during their playtime….

How not to agree to Aurelia’s second book right? : )

Ok, now back to the review on Heat and Light.


In this journey, it was a pretty smooth and imaginative piece of comic art with strong concepts weaved in for long term recall. Along the way, sections like the below highlights the science concept in a clear and concise manner to reinforce learning after each plot unfolds. I personally enjoy how we can learn such difficult concepts in a fun and interactive manner.


As this book is targeted at Primary 4 level, I had quite a bit of work to do in explaining to my kids the more difficult ideas. Nontheless, I am impressed by how the boys have grasped some ideas simply from the comic story. Aurelia and her team has indeed delivered quality work stimulating

  1. the emotions– the 2 siblings in school Uniforms traveling into another time zone overcoming the obstacles and outwitting their ‘enemies’ engage their feelings successfully.
  2. the left brain– with strong scientific concepts to be learnt in tandem with school’s curriculum, this acts as a great resource to support academic learning.
  3. the right brain- I am impressed by the attractive graphic and clear illustrations. This alone is a winner for my eldest who is a visual learner.
  4. Hands On Experiment– In this particular book, it was thoughtful of Aurelia to include 3 pieces of DIY cards for my 3 kids to have fun discovering the shadow play together. : )


We did the set up together and I helped insert the figures. J was sharp enough to alert me i placed the figures the wrong side (see top right hand photo). Of course I knew right?? Just that he was quicker to point it out to me before I could discover the mistake myself. (bleah)


 Shadow playtime.

They learnt how to adjust either the torchlight or move the target to get the right size of the shadow.


I have a habit of letting them bring a book along to occupy the waiting periods when we are out especially for wedding ceremonies. Guess what they brought along for me to read to them? The 2 JJ’s science adventure books.


Do note that Aurelia’s JJ’s Science Adventures are different from the ‘science adventures’ magazines sold in our local Popular bookstore. The latter focuses on general science knowledge while Aurelia’s book focuses mainly on the learning outcomes required by M.O.E. The former also has a few short different stories while JJ’s science adventure consists of just 1 story with lots of teaching points embedded in it. This is definitely a worthy supplementary learning resource. 

Finally, this is a local production done by an educator experienced in our local education system.

The only con of this? It has only 2 books so far. I’m looking forward to their next fruits of labour!

By the way, I do know of skeptics (including myself) that cast doubts on reviews especially sponsored ones like these. The thing is, bloggers should blog with integrity and I believe most do. We normally will not do a review if it is not one that we can genuinely give a positive report on. As for me, I will take up only something that we really like or those useful and relevant offers which will add to the our Yeow’s home education. Please be rest assured that I will not promote products just for the sake of benefiting from it.

I’m purchasing more copies as gifts for others just for your info! : )

For more information please visit

Website: www.harvestedutainment.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Harvestedutainment

How to take part in the Giveaway?

Thank You Aurelia for sponsoring a free copy to a reader! : )

Giveaway ends 10th February  2015.

Just follow the steps below to participate!

(This is only for local readers)

  1. Like GrowingHearts123 facebook page ( for those who haven’t)
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  4.  Leave a comment on this post on facebook (click on this red colour fb link to comment) on why you would like to have this book and Please include your e-mail address so that we can contact you.

Note: Readers will be selected at random. The company will contact the reader directly via e-mail and deliver the prize.

Disclaimer: We received a copy of JJ’s Science Adventure on Heat and Light for the purpose of this book review. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are genuine from the blogger. This is also in support of local efforts produced by our very own. 


Dear Readers, A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated!


Do hop over to my FB to view the winner.


  1. Hi Angie, wanted to support for this giveaway but noticed you said its targeted for primary four. Sounds like it may be too advanced for my six-year-old.

  2. I have the first book on Magnets and my kids love it. Even my 5year-old will take it out and flip and ‘read’ and told me he likes it. I have a P4 girl and I hope this book can help her in her understanding of this topic on Heat and Light.

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