Pssst… Mum invited a Furry Stripey Guest! (Lapbook Part 2/4)

If you have missed the introduction of this Lapbook series, please read Lapbook Part 1/4 before proceeding.

This Lapbook is tailored for learners who have learnt their alphabets. ( ages 3 years and above depending on their learning abilities) For older children, it can be adapted by asking them to copy the words instead of giving a print out.

For each lapbook we embark, I make it a point to spend a week’s worth of reading daily with my kids before the actual lesson commences. Once they are familiar with the story, the memory recall during lessons will strengthen their memory and heighten interest.

Do note that this lapbook is done once a week and spread out into 4 to 5 sessions. (which means it takes 4 to 5 weeks to complete) You can do it on a daily basis, but I prefer to spread it out as it would be too intense for my child. At this pace, we can enjoy the lapbook sessions and discuss what we’ve learnt during the course of the week.

Essentially, my aim is to help develop my children’s attention span (click on the link for details on this habit) in a wholesome manner. Each session typically takes around 40 to 60mins.

In this post, I will bring you through the basic processes of how I teach the lessons.

Note: It would not be in the order of the Folders.

1) Read Aloud the Story

I start with reading aloud The Tiger Who Came to Tea with animated gestures to draw their attention accompanied with questions peppered along the way. After which, they will start their folder  work.

1-IMG-20150125-WA0014 (1)

2) Do Research on the Folders’ Topics

For instance, this session’s topic will be on the types of Big Cats. I will visit the library beforehand and prepare the materials. Relevant pages would be highlighted to teach the folder’s topic before we start working on the folder.


3) Give Specific Instructions and Be Patient

For instance, folder F is on the Types of Big Cats.


I will spread out the images and words accordingly. I then proceed to read aloud the word  ‘ Tiger’  and spell out slowly for my girl to search the correct label to paste on the folders. Next, I ask for the image of a Tiger for identification and so on. Once completed, we discuss the various attributes of the Big Cats and compare them.



4) Let them learn how to use the glue stick and paste by themselves.


This is my 2/4 post. My next post 3/4 will feature the whole lapbook and it’s various Folders with their contents. In the last post 4/4, I will be sharing all the resources for this lapbook for Free. : )

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Have a blessed day!

Did you find this post useful? How do you teach your children?

Feel free to ask me questions and I will try my best to answer. : )


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