{Sponsored Review: Ricciotti } Kids’ Sizzling Pizza Experience!

By now, you would know we enjoy hands on activities with the kids. This time round, like a ‘Popiah’ Party, where one makes DIY spring roll with all the ingredients spread out, the kids had a better deal at Riciotti’s DIY Pizza topping affair. : )

They had an opportunity to meet the chefs of the restaurant, in particular Chef Gero in the following photos. Prior to this, we had a really filling lunch treat from a dear friend before we rushed over for this session. The boys were eager beavers who can’t wait to lay their hands on the dough! E was however shy and refused to join them. After my reminder she wouldn’t have any pizza to eat if she doesn’t DIY, she agreed instantly! (yep, that’s how much she loves food…)




Chef Gero captured their attention with his long ‘paddle’ to slide the pizza into the oven.


Mind you, they already had a filling lunch? My hubby and I were amazed their lil stomachs could contain another quarter of the whole pizza! I had to stop them and finally convinced them with the prospect of having pizza for breakfast.


We went to the Riverwalk branch and had a pleasant time enjoying the riverside walk where the kids could roam around and cycle. (yes, we brought their bikes)


We were delighted to chomp on the pizzas that the kids made the next morning for breakfast. I liked the texture of this fluffy and crispy pizza even despite it being left overnight. The staff were friendly especially Mina, who made sure that we were comfortable and attended to our needs promptly.

For those interested in this hands on experience, it would be $25 per chef inclusive of a 9 Inch Pizza, light refreshments and a certificate of participation. The Prosciutto Cotto E Funghi Pizza (Ham, mushrooms, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese) itself costs $17 in its menu. It means one pays another $8 for the drinks, experience and the fun. : ) They also do parties for kids. You can find out more from My Lilbookworms.



They’re also having this promo now and will last for a few months. Just save the below flyer and show to the staff to enjoy your 10% discount!

Bon Appétit!

Sunday Brunch With Music

Do check out more information on Ricciotti’s Facebook.

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Have a blessed day!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored event for the purpose of kids’ hands on activity review. No monetary compensation was received. All reviews and opinions are genuine from the blogger.



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