Wheels of a Time & Pebble Dabble

In the recent weekends, we had a very full Sat. After the usual routine in the morning, we went to catch The Snail and the Whale (hubs decided to spend the money on such treats for the kids since we skipped our Dec overseas trip), had lunch with a friend nearby, headed to a Hands On Pizza Making Experience and roamed around River Walk area.

This post is on our Roam Free Playtime! My Hubs decided to join the Chinatown run and we brought along the kids’ bikes to occupy them. It was a pleasant time just exploring the CBD area and kids soon found the pebbles to play!


The below were  a few ways they played with their pebbles. J was entertained by the holes in his helmet, A was busy finding the flattest stones to pile up after being challenged by me, while E was just happy collecting them.


Tah Dah! Left hand side is A’s masterpiece while J did his stone path.


What would you know? Believe it or not, I spied this stone sculpture below AFTER our Playtime of building stones! God has such a sense of humour. : ) And A had beat me stones up! He managed to pile 7 pcs while I only did 4… The boys and I were very amused by the stone sculpture just opposite us. J still asked if I was copying it!


That inspired me to play around and copy Botero’s Sculpture in the below. Which in turn triggered J’s version. : )



By the way, just for records, we put back ALL those pebbles where they belong before leaving. : )


It was really a satisfying and fulfilling weekend! : )

Food for the body, mind and soul!

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Have a blessed day!



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