1 Word became 2. Even I was surprised!

Frankly, I was wondering what was this One Word resolution going around this year among the blogs. I didn’t understand it fully and therefore didn’t want to find any word myself. Then lo and behold, my cell group Leader introduced this book for our Bible Study this year. I was excited to unravel the mystery over this One Word and glad to learn the original intent through this study with my cellmates.

1-Book One word

If you are wondering what this is about, do hop over to My One Word org to discover for yourself, better still, read the book. : )

We had a few weeks to mull over our words. Half of the cell had their words, while the other half still needed more time to process. Basically, we had to pray through, brainstorm as many words as possible and slowly eliminate down to the One Word that the Lord has impressed in your heart to focus in one’s life now. A key verse would accompany the word.

It was tougher than expected. There were SO many things I would like to change. A few words that came up were humility, security, consistency, encouragement. However, one night the word sprang to life. It was a verse that was shared by my cell member moons ago. I even used this verse to exhort another friend with the card below. Anchor encompassed all the other words I wished to work on.


I need to

  • anchor my soul in Christ by growing in intimacy with Jesus
  • anchor my worth (insecurities) in Christ alone instead of how others perceive me
  • anchor my thoughts in  His Word (good and heavenly things above) instead of worrying over earthly things
  • anchor my marriage in prayer and passion
  • anchor in prayer for my family and friends instead of fretting and complaining
  • anchor godly and good habits in myself and my children
  • anchor my blog’s identity in Him

One way of staying tune to this One Word is to splatter the whole house with visual reminders. I decided to illustrate my One Word.


Then stuck them around the house. Somehow, it feels different and make great DAILY reminders for me to set my heart and mind to focus on the Anchor of my soul.


Whenever I am flustered by the circumstances of daily life, these verses and images will draw me back to be steadfast and redirects my focus on Jesus. Mike Ashcraft the author of this book aptly describes this One Word process as ‘having a vision, not regret.’

‘We want to move forward with vision, not regret. Without vision, the Bible says in Prov 29:18, we tend to throw off restraint. We become unfocused and undisciplined. Regret doesn’t stimulate forward moving motion like vision does. And regret doesn’t sustain the formation of new character the way that vision can. So we’re going to craft a vision of the type of person we want to become this year.’

With Anchor as my vision for the year, my daily living is brought to a clearer purpose and goal. I need not live in a list of dos and don’ts per say. I can live each day confidently allowing God to help me be sensitive towards the Holy Spirit’s guidance in deepening my spiritual life and grow in being transformed.

‘I like what Mike says about ‘The challenge will not be whether you hear him this year but whether you obey. Let your one word be a reminder to submit.’

I am two thirds into the book. There’s so much to share. However, reading the book will be a great investment if one is serious about this one word. In anything, it will only be a passé if we do not apply it in our lives. Having a cell group to go through this together is exciting! Already we are witnessing how God is working in each of our lives at the same time using each other’s words to edify and glorify Himself! : )

I’m going to end with an unexpected addition of another word in my home. My eldest had seen the words in the house and questioned me about them. Frankly, I just gave him a brief explanation. To my amazement and with much amusement, A asked for the cards and started doing his own one word! I observed him and prodded, “Why is your one word Cross?” He gave a matter of fact reply,  “Cross because it’s like a ‘DEHHH’  X- sign, telling me to stop doing wrong things! Also, the cross is Jesus died on the cross, so he can help me remember not to do bad.” To which I added, “there’s also forgiveness at the cross yes?” He then nodded with a boyish grin and further confirmed look on the great word he had come up with!

Then he asked me for a verse to accompany the word. We searched the Concordance Bible and he was delighted with Luke 9:23.

‘Then he said to them all:  “If anyone would come after me, he must take up his cross daily and follow me.” 


Guess where he pasted his cards? (chuckle)


Truly, we are blessed by the Lord’s own teaching! This reminds me to use his initiative and help him grow in his one word as well. I think I should share with him my learning of my one word too! : )

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Do you have a word to share? Would love to hear from you! : )


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