15 Things I Will Do Differently

Hello! Today I’m hopping on the blog train with Rachel from FortyWinks who has aplenty of ideas, one being 15 Things to do differently.

My first thought was “huh… 15 things?” when I saw the blog train. Soon after considering the changes I have made for this year, I did manage to come up with the 15 things I will or have started doing differently for 2015. : )

1) Write more letters and make cards for others.

It’s really a diminishing art. I love to receive cards and letters from the heart and will be making time to do so. ‘To send a letter is a good way to move somewhere without moving anything but your heart.’ -Phyllis Theroux.


Card handmade from Washi tape and a simple coloured card.

2) Be more consistent in my exercise routine.

I had started jogging last year. Read my 5km Run over Here. This year I’ve signed up for my 10km 350Run in April. So Erh Hum, I really need to work on it! Even if it includes bringing my dumbbell for outdoor gym. To train up at least 3x a week consistently. I find wearing shoes and exercising on the cushioned playground in the outdoors more enjoyable than indoors.


3) Try out more new dishes for family and do together with the kids.

Successful recipe from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe. This was also an attempt in making a dish that my hubby likes (in view of point 6)


4) Read aloud regularly to all my kids once again

Somehow along the years, I’ve failed in my attempts last year to do this as I couldn’t fit in the reading schedule. By the time bedtime arrives, I’d be too tired to read. So this year I made it a priority to read before coaching them. Am determined to finish reading to my eldest, Winnie-The-Pooh Deluxe Edition which was dragged on from last year! It tickles both of us immensely.


5) Renew my thinking about punishment

I am praying and retraining ourselves to embrace ‘encouragement to change’ or ‘help my children to improve’  instead of using the word punishment. At the end of the day, we really desire to help them grow in the right direction. I realised using the term punishment discouraging to their growing up souls especially recently (better now than never?hee ). It’s the attitude and my intentions behind the consequences that are more important than the consequence itself. As I changed this attitude of mine, my children also became more receptive to bear the consequences adhered because they know I sincerely desire improvement and not out to condemn their misbehaviours.

For instance, nowadays, we discussed alternatives that would help my son regain better self control whenever he starts to play rough with his siblings. This shift in perspective from ‘punishment’ perception to ‘helping’ him is growing upon us. He settles down much faster after prayers and as he draws or reads a book in his armchair. Am glad to see an evident growth in his habits and behaviour.


6) Make extra effort to do something out of the ordinary for my  hubby.

One fine day I was out running errands and I had a sudden idea to surprise my hubby with his favourite Blackball dessert by bringing it to the MRT station near his workplace. It dawned on me that my hubby had been the one surprising me with gifts and nice meals. I had been pretty passive. This year I’ll be finding ways to show my appreciation to my hubs. : )


7) Start the day with a Praise Song

Instead of just reading the Bible and praying with the kids, we would begin with a praise song to worship God. This has a tremendous effect in brightening our morning devotions! : )


8) Learn a bit more on the mechanics of blogging.

Thanks to techy friends and SMB friends (especially Dominique), I’m slowly learning the ropes of blogging.

9) Encourage kids to pray for others.

I try to encourage my kids to think of a relative or friend they can pray for apart from their own needs. I also share and ask them to pray for my friends as well. Then I will update them on how they are doing.

10) Throw away un-recycled stuffs!

This year, I threw away the cardboards and loose materials that I’ve saved for ‘recycling purposes’ once I realised I would not have time to do it. The kids’ cardboard house was discarded as well to make room for the other cardboard house. It has liberated the house from clutter! I limit myself to the designated storage space. Beyond that, it’s throwing away old stuffs before keeping other stuffs.

11) Stick to the Word the Lord impressed upon me.

This will be another post over Here.

12) Treasure my current time with kids till future changes.

I most probably will have less time in near future. Instead of worrying, I will start maximising my time with them and savour my stay at home time.

13) Create.

I will be working on a clay series.

14) Start to develop photos and organise children’s artworks for an album

It’s been on my mind since last year to compile my children’s drawings and collate them into an album. I also treasure the memories in hard copies and realise I’ve stopped developing photos.

15) Revive Chat time with each child during bedtime.

Lastly, there was a period where I could spend 5-10mins just chatting with my boys before bedtime. When E came, I became too tired by the end of the day. Bedtime routine watered down to prayer and a praise song that I sing to them since day 1 of their births. This year I would be focusing on one child a night instead of all so as to maintain some form of bedtime chat at least once a week. Better than none right? : )

Instead of just asking the same questions, or having them ask me 3 questions, I also use the set of journal prompts by Happiness is here to generate discussions.

Do you have any to do list different from last year? Would love to hear from you. : )

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Next on the the blog train is Ing from Ingspirations . She truly lives up to her blog name – Ingspiring! A mum blogger whom I admire! : ) Remember to hop over tomorrow which marks the end of this making a difference blog train.

ing Ing is a mom of 3 and former primary school teacher. She juggles an “insane schedule” (a term coined by her closest friends) running after her 3 kids, housework, cooking and trying to start her own business. When she is stressed, she blogs, runs and drinks coffee. She shares parenting thoughts, educational activities and life with 3 kids on her blog.


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  1. Thanks for the lovely intro. I like the points you’ve shared, especially (7), (13) and (15). I think I should do these more too! 🙂

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