I Lift Up My Eyes to the Sky



One of our morning routine is to visit playgrounds near our area. After my 6km attempt yesterday, I decided to chill and relax today during the kids’ playground time. This was also majorly motivated by my fellow mum’s post on how to avoid burning out, getting injured, killing yourself while getting the body you want. It wasn’t so much of getting a body I want as much as getting to the goal of a full marathon that I started my exercise regime. She highlighted sensible points and got my attention on how I should enjoy the process over being merely goal oriented. In another sense, my marathon is a lifelong journey of being healthy apart from my literal goal of doing a full marathon one day.


Therefore, I rewarded my limbs by propping them up and enjoy the scenery above! I’ll be doing this every now and then to recharge and be still.

Funny thing is, I saw things in a different view and captured them to remind me of the different angles to see the world.


While I was still on the ground, I began to do things differently too! When E slid from the slide, I bid her to hop onto my legs and I did the see-saw motion till they were upside down. I used to do while the kids were still lil babies and Todds. I realised I could still do it and even managed with J! : )


We also took took a We-fie on the ground. : )






I am reminded of yesterday’s sermon on Mark 8:31-38

and verse 36 struck a chord in me.

 36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? 37 Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?

Let’s not just chase after the wind of this earth and fail to take care of our physical and spiritual health.

Have you lifted your eyes lately to admire the beauty of the sky, the yellow birds (I see a lot in my area!), the nest above where winged mothers nurse their younglings? I was only able to see them when I lift up my eyes.

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