What is MamaHood to me? Ma-rathon amidst others!

Hi, today I hop on to Dominique’s “Embracing Motherhood” Blog Train exploring what Mamahood means to me and how I embrace it. : )

 It is a MA-rathon to Infinity and Beyond:

As I reflected on this word Mama, the significance suddenly grew plain.  My dad had passed on in my early 20s. My mum is still around. However, the fact is, it didn’t alter my identity as their children. They are forever my one and only Daddy and Mummy. Now I still tell of ‘Kong kong’ to my kids and make it a point to visit the columbarium. Who I’ve become, I inevitably will take after their certain values and habits and pass it down to my kids.

Therefore, even after our deaths, we are still remembered as our children’s mum! In other words, whatever we are now to our children, it will leave a legacy who will in turn influence the generations to come. What an honour and a great responsibility don’t you think? That brings me to the next point.


It is a Tri-athlon

It’s a threesome job for my family. I do not just independently make all the decisions regarding the kids. It’s always a mutual agreement with my beloved husband. My hubby has been an immense support and a Hero in our children’s eyes. We also believe in Jesus, who is the Lord of our household and commit to Him our family’s journey. It only makes perfect sense that since God is the creator, He would guide us in raising up His children. Even though at times it may feel like I’m alone in this when I stay home 24/7 to take care of the kids (while hubby is at work/sometimes overseas), I am often reminded this is far from the truth. Immanuel, God is with us (till eternity!)

Talking to God, essentially praying has tide me through this journey, reaping the joy of motherhood beyond my imagination.



It is Wise Decision-making.

I realised motherhood is a constant decision making.  I also needed to consider the decisions in the light of my special family dynamics so that we need not fall into the trap of comparison with other families.

It was great I got to enjoy 4 months maternity leave to care for my newborn. However, we still need to face many critical decisions. To Work or Not to Work? I had spent almost a year with my firstborn taking No Pay Leave. Then returned to work part-time. Next Question, Who’s going to be the Caretaker? Our Aunt graciously took care of A during my working days and this worked out well until the 2nd child came into the picture. So we (my hubs and I) made the call for me to Stay Home. Due to their close 1 year age gap, I eventually had to make another common decision Singaporeans face- Should I get a Helper? Then followed another question when I stayed home – should I homeschool or send them to Preschool/Childcare Centre? I made the former decision until they were 4YO and sent them to a Preschool. You can read more HERE. Even now, it’s not Status Quo. Nontheless, these changes has helped me grow constantly.  Which brings me to my last point.

It is a journey of Self Discovery

Mamahood had helped me discover what kind of person I am and what kind of person I can actually become. My friend asked me the same question a few times. “Don’t you find it scary to look at someone who looks like you?”  My answer next time will be, ‘ It’s even scarier to see who I am in that lil person!” Seriously, if you’re a parent or better still, a third person, it is obvious they really grow up learning our ways like it or not. More often than not, my buddy will remind me that I’ve taught them a lot of good stuffs too know? Stop beating yourself up over the weaknesses we all have. True, true, but as I see how they badly react many a times, I slowly begin to understand more of myself and how my approach had resulted in that area of bad habits that grew in my children. That’s when I am grateful to have a personal relationship with my Saviour and thus can grow in confidence with help from above. Read Jars of Stars not Scars on how my children’s behaviours had changed my attitude and how we are growing together.

Am I glad to have Faith Hope and Love to run along in this Ma-rathon!



How sweet to hold a newborn baby!

A life burst forth in this tiny frame.

Why does he take that breath away

whenever I whisper and call his name?

Reality stumbles in 12am, 3am, 6am

Nurse Him!

Echoes of Yawns and persistent Yells

When did my baby turn into an Imp?

A check in the mirror, the answer tells

I have neglected to change first from within!

Amazing grace how sweet the sound

that transformed and gave us anew begin

The years of tears that rose from the ground

cleanses the soul for a delightful sound

Matter not the weight of our struggles

the doeful eyes and bubble starlight giggles

shines through the darkness into our hearts of hearts

offering comfort and thankful sparks

Never regretting the day that marked

 our Ma-rathon’s start.

Poem from GrowingHearts 123


Up next in this blog train is Madeline.

IMG_84279164236222She is a Research Psychologist and mother of a talkative 4 year old girl and a cheeky 1 year old boy. She is passionate about children, breastfeeding and travelling, which she often writes about on her Parenting and Travel blog, MadPsychMum (link to http://www.madpsychmum.com). She is also a self-professed neat freak who loves organisation! Find out how she embraces motherhood as a full time working mum while splitting her time among her kids, her husband, her family, her friends and even herself!


What is MamaHood to you? : )

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  1. Having kids really changes us and what worked when you have 1 kid may not work with kid #2 or #3 as the situation and dynamics change. Great that you are putting GOD at the center of your family. He will certainly guide you and show you the way.

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