Jiayou!!! You can do it! I screamed.

A just had his 1st Olympic day in school a week ago. The letter informed parents of a Parent Child race that we could participate on that day. I was pretty amused. I didn’t think much of it as I thought it’s just another mini event and come on, are parents so free to attend this Olympic Day? They have to work right?

The day came and I was informed to come seated by 7.45am so as to avoid the ‘sunny’ spot and grab a seat under the sheltered section. To my surprise, the whole section were filled with parents! I stumbled into the area with the kids and found a spot to squeeze in. As for the registration for the parent child race? It has closed. I heard that there was a snake Queue at 7am. I was like ?? Ok…. Nevermind. Perhaps next year… I explained to A.

I was impressed by the whole ceremony of passing a lit torch and starting the ceremony with such burst of the rainbow confetti!


The whole event had been meticulously planned and was well executed. I was very excited over A’s participation and cheered him like mad. I saw him with fresh eyes as I had never seen him in sports before, running so fast, brightening up with such zest! I suppose J has always been the physically tougher one so I didn’t have an opportunity to see A shine in his own manner, and enjoying this sporty side of him. He was the livewire in the group giving unceasing cheers and eager to do his best. I was very glad I had the opportunity to attend this important event in the child’s eyes.


This incident also reminded me to constantly learn to know and understand more of my kids. Grow up together with them. By being involved in their various aspects of life, I get to catch a glimpse of the new person or the unknown character of my child. I will not take these events for granted from henceforth.

On a different note, an unfortunate accident happened during the Parent and Child Race. A parent had injured herself and it was serious and the ambulance came. The parent had difficulty performing the exercises but had forced herself to go through the activities. She had I would infer been unfit for the game but still carried on. It must have been painful for the mother and child to experience this.

This incident served as a sombre reminder for myself. Perhaps it is our wanting so much to demonstrate our love and support to our kids that we many a times neglect our own safety. I need to remember to stop if I find myself over working for the kids’ ‘interests’. It is so hard sometimes to say enough, I need to rest until I am on the verge of falling sick, then I start to regret.

On a lighter note, A had won 2 gold medals for his team’s endeavours. We went there without expectations and the medals were the rainbow toppings on his ice cream race. : )


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  1. Wow, what enthusiasm from the parents. I’m sure he was glad that you were there cheering him on. And great job there A on your gold medals!

  2. Sounds like a fun event, I’m glad you were able to enjoy it with your son! I’m fortunate to be self-employed, so I can attend most of the events at my daughter’s school. Thanks for linking up to the #outdoorplayparty

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