Bear Hunt, Book Hunt, Story Chairs Affair!

Papa suggested A to think of a few friends to invite for his birthday party. A few became 10 friends and 6 attended his party after sending his invites. This time it was a simple affair, just brainstormed ideas on his theme and the games. A wanted a party on Books since he loved to read. He selected 4 books and we did our research on how we can present this theme. It was tough until I saw an interesting party layout of using a food item or concept to bring out a flavour of the book chosen. There was also a scavenger hunt idea that I tweaked to form my own Q&A using the 4 books A had chosen.

For decoration, I recycled A’s painting he had done last year as his banner and he did most of the alphabets with a bit of help from his siblings. It was simple but an effective banner. : ) A then jotted down the games of the day on the chalk board for reference.


For our party favours, we got attractive notebooks from The Paper and Stone well within our budget. He had wrapped all the notebooks by himself and pasted the Thank You notes that I’d printed out. I also cut out the patterned papers to brighten the package.


We’re all set for the games that we had discussed.

1) We’re going on a Bear Hunt Game

I thought of using the cute lil bears we had for a hide and seek game. This led me to use the book  We’re Going On a Bear Hunt  for a dramatic opening before we play the game! I used to play the nursery rhyme CD that chanted this story so that my kids can repeat along the way. That’s what I did. I read a verse and the kids repeated after me with expressions and actions. At the end of the book, I narrated the exciting parts with such an upbeat tone, when it came to the climax, I SCREAMED : “It’s A BEAR!!!!!” And all the kids went crazy with laughter and shrieks at the same time! By the end of the story they were all ready for the bear hunt!


We had 3 kids hiding the bears while the rest of the kids had to seek for them. This lasted for 3 rounds before we took a break to freshen up for the next game.


2) The Book Hunt Game

I had prepared 8 Questions for the kids to find the answers in the pages or maps of the books. For example, I’d draw the shape of the island and ask for the name of that island. They have to identify the shape before they can get the answer. There’s also simple fill in the blanks and identification of the images found in the books. This was A’s favourite activity for the party and I was very delighted he had enjoyed what I’ve prepared for them.


3) Storybook Chairs

One idea I got from the internet was to replace musical chairs with storytelling. I was very excited as I could finally use my Big Book that I had gotten donkey years ago! It is Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. As I had heard someone singing the song in the book before, I thought it goes well with this activity. I would simply read and once I start singing the tune

“I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.” 

the kids will start walking around the decreasing number of chairs. The moment I stop reading, the kids will have to try and grab a seat! Those who failed to do so, will be out of the game. The cycle continues until One chair is left and the winner is the last kid found with butt glued on the seat. (Note: smaller chairs would serve better as 2 kids were able to squeeze into One seat at the end! lol)

However this game proved to be too harsh a reality for my lil girl and she was the first to be out of the game. She had to be comforted by daddy while mummy continued the game.  Along the way, another girl burst into tears because she was pushed out by a boy. Good thing her mum was present to comfort her while I pressed on with the rest.

Otherwise, this game had been an interesting edge of excitement and streak of erm competition. ; p We had another break before settling down to our last activity.


4) Book Mark Making Time

Lastly, we ended the games with this session of DIY (Do It Yourself) Book marks.

Materials Provided

  • Alphabet stickers, a variety of stickers for boys and girls
  • Washi tapes
  • Scissors
  • Crayons, markers, colour pencils
  • Blank cards
  • Nylon strings
  • Hole puncher
  • Glue
  • Goggly eyes

I had forgotten to take photos of their lovely art though. It was really nice to see the kids engaged in creating their own bookmarks. I was glad I didn’t dictate what to do for them and allowed time for some art making. : ) By the way, parents were goo gaga-ing over the rainbow sets of colouring materials which was a gift from my dear aunt who flew all the way from U.S! It came in very handy here. : )


Finally, the moment of Cake Cutting has come! A had chosen this cake from our neighbourhood bakery and I topped up the Book design for a final touch of our Book Theme. No fanfare, but A was delighted at the surprise Book décor and kept it in his treasure box after we cleaned it. I had simply recycled a used mini book by wrapping it up with metallic papers and used stickers for the ‘Book’ print effect then placed a strip of cling wrap below the book before acting as a cake prop. It also serves as a card for our dear boy’s keepsake.


We invited only their Da Yi (Big Aunt) for the party as she loves children and would appreciate this solely for kids party and erm, help me out to take photos. : )


Through this party, we also had the opportunity to know A’s friends as well as their parents. It was a pleasant and memorable time well spent. We also catered using Lee Wee Brothers Nasi Lemak for the small crowd at an affordable price. As we have been organising such parties, the kids are taking more initiatives and responsibilities in preparing their own parties. Looking forward to them organising their own meaningful parties without bursting budgets!

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What is your most memorable party so far? : )



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