What are Hardy like Squash Balls, Red like Tomato Cherries?

It was a lazy afternoon and we headed out for some fresh air. Kids were happy fooling around with badminton, riding bike, kicking football.

Until J spotted what looked like tomato cherries and I brushed it aside thinking maybe somebody dropped a packet from the supermarket. Then A suddenly did a Tarzan roar and pellets of red cherries darted through the air. Then I noticed there were really APLENTY of those stuffs on the ground!


Excuse my ignorance, it only dawned on me that those were Not cherry tomatoes, but were aptly highlighted by J that it came from the Palm tree! I well, googled search and discovered that they were indeed Palm oil fruits. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Whatever the case, they provided another hour of exploration and fun to all of us! We were intrigued by the hardy balls and the kids just started picking them to do their rainstorms/ bullets/ treasure etc.




They had gathered more to form their own pool of ‘treasure’ and stuck a stick in the mound.


E found a cluster of them and happily helped it go bald.1-IMG_1592


This is indeed an unexpectedly sweet surprise from our creative Father in heaven! It was such a pleasant activity to end the day with!

May we be open to new experiences that nature so pleasantly provides. : )

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  1. They sure do look like cherry tomatoes! What fun (and less mess) to play with! Happy Earth Day 2015!

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