Poison (Potion) No. 9?


This was an impromptu set up that I had been burning to do ages ago. Last week I finally decided to forsake my routine and set this up! All of us were edgy and cranky with their papa’s work trip absence and I figured this would engage them and cheer us up a bit. Thanks to my Aunt C, she bought the kiddos a science set. It had 3 big test tubes and a sample kit. I was too tired for the experiment. Instead I set up my own materials for their play. This post would be one of my least wordy posts since the pictures say it all. : )

Set Up Preparation:

1) Recycled Syringes, droppers, spoons, magnifying glasses,  glass bottles, used water bottles, recycled containers and the mini ‘test tubes’ were from the accumulated recycled flower stems water holders.

I also DIY my own test tube holders via this umbrella thick plastic cuboid box.

2) Herbs, spice powders, plain flour, corn flour, baking powder, vinegar, various food colourings and water were used. (A sample of the water colourings I had poured into the mini  green ‘test tubes’ and labelled their colours for identification.)





Qn: When baking powder meets his catalyst friend vinegar, what do they do?

Have a sizzling time of fun!


Halfway, I noticed J’s test tube lying around. So I just cut a hole from a plastic cup and propped the test tube. Ta-Dah = test tube holder.


They also feel the difference in texture when plain flour is mixed with liquid vs Corn flour mixed with liquid.


Point to Note:

I had to prepare a basin of Clean water for their washing of instruments, an Empty container for their discarding of unwanted concoctions and a container of Clean water for their consumption.


Finally, the clean up part.

I had placed recycled pizza cardboards on top of my plastic mat and after the play, I just throw the messy play away with minimal clean up of plastic.

Then get them to wash their items in the big baby tub using recycled baby bottle cleaners.


That activity sure added the much needed spark! : )

I have been very inspired by Stay At Home Mum of Three’s Home Science lab .

Do you have any Hands On Activities to share? Just share in my comments or leave your links!

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