We Cannot Ask For More.

A Tribute to my children’s Papa = my hubby

This post will be unlike any other. This is the REAL Papa speaking via his FB comments. : ) Hee. My first sneaky attempt!

The blue portions reflects papa Yeow’s heart for our children while the black portions’ my tribute to him.

The most recent case left a deep impression in me. It will be a real test of  my faith if anything were to happen to you my dear but I just thank Jesus for giving us more time on earth before He takes you home. Thank you for being a leading example by bringing your students and your kids to demonstrate empathy in a practical manner that cannot be experienced with books.

 “I’m supposed to lead a team of 14 students to Kota Kinabalu from 8-11 June. We made the decision to cancel when we received news of the earthquake. Though we did not make the trip, valuable lessons can still be learnt. Today I brought some of the students and my boys to pay tribute at TKPS. I can’t help but keep thinking.. It could have been us. After reading the many notes written by classmates and friends, you will be remembered not for the number of A* you achieved, nor the awards you won, but for the time spent with those around you, and for the relationships that were built. Even a young kid can understand that.”



Prior to this, you made a 10 day trip with your students to China for another learning exchange. Your absence was greatly felt even for a short 10 days! When you were away, I asked what did each kid miss most about your absence? A missed your hugs and kisses, J missed playing with you and E missed you tucking her into bed. My FB Comment upon your return

The return of gurgles and squeals of laughter, you know the ‘papa is coming to get me!!ahhh hahaha….’  kind? It’s the heavenly sounds on earth in the yeow family… It’s never the same without Papa Yeow! My body finally caved in as I k.o (knocked out) half the day resting in peace knowing I have not a care in the world with kiddos well taken care by papa… The whole atmosphere at home just lifts up when you’re around! Thank God for your smooth and safe return.

The Selfie you whatsapp me to cheer us up.

The kiddos LAUGHED their heads off!


This FB comment from you revealed a father’s tender and proud heart for your kiddo. I was impressed that you bothered to display it at the most prominent place to show A how valuable his gift is to you!

“Some of you may have seen me with a Match Attax trading card, well protected at the back of my phone cover. Students have questioned me over it. ‘Cher, u play ah?’.. When meeting parents, some have stolen glances at it and gave a judgemental look.. Why is this uncle playing with such cards?

It was about half a year ago when I wasn’t home for dinner on one of those nights and I got a call from A. ‘Papa, 我有surprise 给你!’ By the time I got home, they were fast asleep. As usual, I’ll go into their rooms and give each of them a hug and kiss. A sprung up when I touched him and from under his pillow, pulled out a Man United Match Attax card.
‘Papa, 我跟朋友换的!我找到Man U 的card 了!’
Turns out that he was given some of these soccer cards previously which he showed me and wanted to give me one. But I liked none of them and told him ‘我只喜欢Man U’. Thus started his quest to search for one…. And when he found it with a friend, he used his ‘more powerful’ cards just to change for this Man U card.
The next morning, I showed him where I’ve kept the card. His face gleamed with pride and each time he sees it, he’ll go ‘Man U! 是我给你的!’ 😄
So am I ashamed of it? At times a little bit awkward. Especially when I’m scolding students and the phone is in my hands… But will I take it out? This is a small painless discomfort just to see the joy and pride in A to know that his efforts are being acknowledged. So well, I’ll continue to keep this reminder of my son’s love-in-action in my pocket.. And stop staring at my phone!”

1-yk phone

This incident was unknown to me until I saw your fb comment while I was doing my window shopping or was it haircut? After reading this, I was like BRAVO hubby!!!  k. no photo for this…ha..

“To the 2 unknown boys staring at me, giving me the weird disgusted look, while peeing at the urinal, as I was washing a pair of small blue panties at the sink…. When I was your age, I did not imagine myself comforting my daughter when she peed on her panties, asking her to take it off, and washing it at the sink, and gratefully thanking God that there’s a powerful hand dryer… And oh, the look on her face when i gave her back the dry panties, still warm… Once again, I’ve become a hero in her eyes… And darn! I forgot to wash my hands before resuming eating my bread…”

You also initiate One on One time with each child especially when you have a trip ahead so that their love tanks can be filled to last the days of your absence away. What more can I ask for your always far sighted plans? It’s such special times with you that they are full of respect and deep attachment to you! Those times are also exciting ones with never a boring moment! Cycling long distances with one boy or both, Indoor  & Outdoor Playgrounds, simple meals but fun treats, exhibitions, swimming sessions, bus rides from one end to another, mingling with your students whenever allowed, haircuts, bookshops and more!


1-yk 2

 Most of all, I deeply appreciate the moments when you seize opportunities to teach them about life, Jesus and values that we hold dear as a family in such instances like the Current Heart-fairs, where you taught them about the earthquake disaster at Nepal and the KK disaster.

The nightly routine of following your kneeling for prayer as a family teaches them how we should revere our magnificent God in a practical way.

Dearest, on this special day, know that you are tenderly cherished and fiercely adored! More than that, know that even in your weaknesses and failures, we will never be able to find a more suitable dad for the Yeow family than YOU. We love you just the way you are and cannot ask for more. We pray that Jesus will continue to be your light as you shine for Him like the noon day sun!

HAPPY PAPA’s DAY!!!! With Lotsa Love and Respect,

1-yk us

The Yeow Family

BLESSED FATHER’S DAY TO ALL DADDIES! Whatever you do or do not do, YOU are the BEST for YOUR FAMILY! Rock On Dads!!!!

To my own belated father, it has been a privilege and honour to love and be brought up by you. You will always be missed.

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  1. What a lovely tribute to Daddy Yeow! I always believe that anyone can be a father but it takes a special someone to be a dad! What a great blessing to have a man who’s heart is for his family and kids.

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