好 Hao-lidays! Addicted to Country Roads to Penang! (part 1)



The above is the journey that A drew for his Show and Tell Holiday assignment. For this post, we’ll share our stops at Pullman Hotel, the lost world and Ipoh. Penang will have its own post.

1) Pullman Hotel


This is at Putrajaya. It’s a pretty well maintained state with very clean and pleasant scenery. The hotel resort is big and spacious. Great for retreats!


The restaurant in my opinion has good service and great food. Why? We reached the hotel around 2 ish (pm) and ordered our food (ala carte). During the wait, the manager offered us a plate of bread selection and also the buffet soup serving on the house. It was very generous of them! Plus kids’ activity to occupy them.


The above is the Kids’ club room. It is nicely equipped. However, there is no adult supervision. We must be with the kids. Which is just as well, as it turned out to be a great time of bonding as a family! My helper taught the kids how to play the Congkak, I taught all of them how to play Carem and my hubs played the table football game with the boys. It was really nostalgic playing those games! There was also a Wii game area which we didn’t play.



This time round for our trip, I brought along our newest addition – our water colour pastilles! (click here to know where to get it ) It really brought much life into their artworks as they sat down observing first hand their environment. And I got them a cheap 1 inch thick sketch book pad from Muji at around $1.30 if not wrong, to let them doodle their time away. That Muji Pad also became A’s journal for his school’s Show and Tell as he records the journey. This forced him to express his observations in words.

In the above, I encouraged them to paint the colours of the pond as they focus. We didn’t manage the fountain as there wasn’t time the next day.


We drove out to Alamanda Shopping mall around the vicinity. I couldn’t resist taking this photo of my Japanese Ramen cum Tempura which costs only RM10 yet tastes so flavourful! If you are in Alamanda Shopping Centre, do try the food court where standard has improved a lot from 3years ago.


We also had a hand in Archery at a new shopping mall. It is really NOT easy! Even Ironman papa admitted the sport requires a lot of arm strength. All of us managed at one or more shots. : )


As we are travelling by car and the destinations take about 2-4hrs each time, car rides are prepped with the kids’ own favourite books, activity packs, the Muji doodling Pad, colour pencils, markers, pencils and eraser, mini sharpener and lots of finger snacks to occupy them. Our new second hand car has a DVD player so this trip, they got to watch Mr Bean just for laughs for half hr in between trips. It dawned on me that this habit of doodling and creating art since small led to their automatic contentment in occupying themselves during such ‘boring’ moments. These meant squabbles are minimised and I was able to drift off to sleep ; ) Yes, they slumber many a times together as well.

2) Lost World of Tambun

This is our second visit to this fun and ‘foresty’ place where we’re surrounded by the high hills of forests. We stayed longer at the water play area and the hot spa spots were our firsts.







3) Ipoh


We went to grab more of Nam Chou coffee sachets and lim kopi, lim milo the old school way. I remember this was how we drank our hot milo when we were young!


We popped by these 2 stores to get our tidbits and dose of good old bitter Herbal Jelly.


We also had our Dim Sum cravings satisfied here. This ‘potuguese’ tart was filled with tuna and corn while the white almond ball was actually a fishball in disguise!

Finally, our ultimate destination- Penang. She deserves a post all for herself here- Penang Part 2.

For other details from our previous Penang trip, click HERE.

What did you do during the holidays?

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Travel Tuesday Bumble Bee Mum


    • So kind of you to drop by. : ) Am glad to join your linky party! Yes, now we’re addicted to road trips! Look forward to your Penang endeavours in the future.

  1. […] In my opinion, if u skip KT, you can find some more interesting things along highway E8 to do such as nature trails/hikes or homestays. Or if you are adventurous enough, you can continue up on the Eastern Coast after KT to Kelantan (which a restaurant uncle told me in Kuantan that there’s nothing much there) or to Hatyai!!! Otherwise, the Eastern Coast is really more for the beaches and jetties to take ferries to offshore islands for diving. We will probably stick to the west coast from now on (malacca-KL-Ipoh-Penang) […]

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