My First Taste of my Archilles Weakness

I don’t really like to blog much about how the family falls ill as that’s part and parcel of life right? Especially with kids, it’s like viruses are their friends always seeking their company. Fevers, colds, balukus are all part of growing up. Neither do I want to rant about my illnesses online.

However, this time round, I share my painful recovery of something I would never imagine experiencing until I started to jog towards a marathon goal.

If you’ve read my recent post, we had gone for a road trip to Penang.  Prior to that trip, I had been bugged by this strong stubborn virus which confined me for a good 10days before I felt better. Finally I was well enough and enjoyed every bit of the road trip!

Then we went to Penang and I had brought along my running shoes so that I can exercise in the gym in our hotel together with my hubs. I had forgotten my body had just recovered and I felt great you know, able to jog as normal. So I ‘geh kiang’ (smart alex) jogged till I reached 4.8km and I increased my speed to sprint for the next 200m. After I reached my goal, I cooled down for another 15mins.

Later in the day, I felt slight discomfort on my archilles tendon. I rested and didn’t do much that day. The next day we went to Georgetown to walk around. Nothing much. Until 3 days later, I was squatting down leaning heavily on my feet while scolding my boy for misbehaviour. It was more than 5mins and I suddenly felt this strain on my archilles tendon when I got up. Thereafter, I experienced the numbness whenever I walked. Ok, since we were on hols and I really wanted to get my stuffs over there where it’s cheaper (plus many things on sale!) I ignored my pain and shopped. So there, the ‘shopping’ aggravated my condition. ; p

I didn’t realise how bad it was until we reached home. My left foot became swollen and the pain unbearable. My hubby drove me to the Chinese Physician nearby and was performed my first Acupuncture in my life under the instruction of my hubs. I still could use the umbrella and limp s.l.o.w.l.y. But hubs decided to piggy back me.

For that 2 days, I was able to use my right foot to wheel myself around in the office wheeled chair to the great amusement of my kids. However, the 3rd day proved too much strain for my right and it also swelled up. The pain this time was present even without touching or moving. It was a challenge to sleep until I used the plaster to compress the swollen area. Thank God for prayers of loved ones, the swell on my left subsided and the right foot was less painful. My mother’s cream and method also helped significantly.

Just yesterday when I attempted to have a review of my leg, the usual nearby walk to the Chinese Physician would take about 10-15mins. To my dismay, I had started out limping with my umbrella gaily but soon realised this was one of the longest journey I had made. I took about 25mins without resting! It dawned on me that my limbs had been out of action for so many days, that distance was a tall order for them. Gulp. So I laboured slowly back home, resting in between at the bus stop and void deck taking about close to 1 hr. Along the way, I was strangely comforted and amused that I wasn’t the only ‘bai ka’ (lame person). There were I spotted 2 more younger boys limping away crossing the road. Ok, my bad. ; p A lady who saw me, gave me advice as how to treat my ‘sprained’ ankle. I just accepted her advice and thanked her.

The inconvenience and immobility for 6 days had humbled me at many levels. Lessons learnt.

  1.  The importance of starting my exercise regime realistically and s….l…o…w..l…y (I had forgotten that I am no longer in my 20s! I was once fit and now am trying to get fit with age) and in this case, shop and tour less. ; p
  2. To respect pain (as a friend puts it), and pay attention to any discomfort.
  3.  Every part of my body serves an important role. When one part suffers, the rest of the body suffers along with it. In my case, the rest of my family also suffers with me as I can’t do much with the kids.
  4. Rom 12: 12 became my prayer for action. 12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.  It was particularly challenging to be patient with myself and others with my sore condition.
  5. Grateful to have a good helper to depend on in my circumstances.
  6. I thank God for a healthy and strong hubby who could piggyback me in times of need!My hero indeed! The kids squealed in delight when they saw mummy being piggyback by daddy.

1-swollen feet

A friend said my feet looked like preggy feet.

I also caught a cold in the process. So I’ve got Cold Feet?

ok, I’m pretty lame too. ; )

The question is, how do I proceed from here? I am not about to give up on running yet….Unless absolutely necessary? Any advice or solutions?

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