Caring for Me is….

 Choo Choo…..! Here I go again hopping on ‘Mummy’s Me-Time’ blog train hosted by Prayerfull mum.

In the past, I mistaken caring for myself as ‘selfish’. Until I realised the importance of doing so when I became a mum. If I were to fall ill, somebody can take care of my kids’ physical needs but cannot nurture them for me (which is our responsibility). If I fail to have enough sleep, I’ll be a crankenstein mummy, terrorising my kids. etc. You get my point… In the past, mummy guilt creeps in as I couldn’t distinguish between the good of Self Care and the ill of Self Centredness. Now, I’ve matured to discern the difference and grow to value myself amidst loving others.

This has helped me love and care more effectively for others around me. So, mummies, remember to care of yourself! Sharing how I do so by spending the necessary  ‘Me’ times in the midst of my Day in a Life Routine.

 Caring for myself is….

1) Paying Attention to Jesus

My early morning times alone reading the bible and talking to God on the matters of my heart and being filled up by His Holy Spirit is pertinent. Once I miss that quiet moment, the day somehow feels something is amiss. Of course, throughout the day I would talk to Jesus but I want to give my best time in solitude to pay attention to Him before I start the day. There are days and periods when I didn’t (e.g. kids or myself are sick/late nights due to ill discipline) Soon, I find my thoughts going astray and get entangled with my own problems. Seriously, there’s nothing more satisfying than caring for my soul in Jesus.

I like to pen down my prayers and return to mark it as ‘Answered Prayer’ as well as record scriptures that speak to me.


2) Yum Cha/Kopi (drink tea/coffee and me) with a Good Book

Home fix of Lipton Tea with fresh milk and a teaspoon of condensed milk. Currently in stock of Nam Chau Coffee from Ipoh. Discovered a new liking for Earl Grey Milk Tea. A hot cuppa Matcha once in a very blue moon. But nothing beats Kopitiam’s brewed Teh/Kopi coupled with a good read!

1-Book One word

3) Blogging

Come November will be my second year of blogging. Starting this blog has ignited a new found passion that I had forgotten existed. I used to love writing essays as a student especially those that only gives a starting line which you need to continue and create your own storyline. Creative writing. I can just keep on imagining….

Now, blogging gives me an avenue to express and capture the moments. Reflect, Learn and Grow in my journey as a person, wife and mum. I observed that blogging my thoughts helps me to grow in my understanding of the relationships that I have. It also has helped me to become more accountable in my actions. Most of all, it gives me a sense of joy and delight being able to record and share the stages of growth and resources in our family’s life with others.


4) A Powerful Masked Nap.

20mins power nap once a week less or more depending on my energy level. It makes such a difference in my attitudes and productivity too. It doesn’t matter if I do doze off or not. Just simply resting and shuteye can boost the rest of my day. My kids will be occupied and they’ve learnt to let me rest in peace since they see how it helps in my patience level towards them! ; P

I only started to use mask I think 2 years ago when my sis-in-law pampered me for my birthday. Coincidently, we both have the same birth day! I didn’t want to waste it so I used it whenever I had my power nap – THIS is a powerful booster combination! After the supply depleted, I got myself more to just rehydrate my face sparingly (when I really need the rejuvenating lift!). Such luxury! It made such a difference, my nap became more powerfully refreshing!

I figured using a mask is my way of pampering myself without spending a bomb, along with having a decent haircut once in 3-6months, trimming my eyebrows once in 2 or 3 months. The best part about my eyebrow trimming at my nearby shop? I can lie on a salon bed to nap for 10-15mins! Ahhhh…. PRECIOUS moments! : )


6) Work Out on the Go with Kids

Another habit that I’ve started is to exercise during my kids’ playground time. This has helped me grown fitter.


7) Weekly Date Nights

Once a week, my hubby and I will go out for our dinner after settling kids in bed with my helper at home. Kiddos will automatically ask if it’s our ‘Pak Tor’ night and we’ll assure them we’ll be back soon after dinner. The below collage are photos from 2013 till now. We don’t do expensive restaurants often, but we do make it a point to celebrate more lavishly on special occasions. Dim Sum Dollies were our favourite indulgences before we had kids. So we did indulge for this one thanks to my indulgent Hubs! I seldom post my photos. This time round, I decided to post this array of my delightful delicacies to remind myself of the wonderful times I had with my beloved. It never occurred to me that he bothers to take photos of me until I did this collage! I never stop giving thanks to God for the soul mate in him. And No, he is not shorter than me. He was squatting lower than me in the photo. : )

When Danessa asked me when I would like to publish this post, I thought it’s July, Why not on my birthday?

Celebrating my birthday  – taking time to pay attention to myself via this post. Treasuring who I am in Christ. Having more than I could ask or imagine.

1-Me & dar

Do You Care for You? How Do You Care for You? : )

* PS: Happy Birthday to my beautiful Sis-in-Law too! What are the odds of us born on the same day? ; )

To have more ideas on how to care for yourself, click the below image and relax with us!


mumsewordNext up on this blog train is Jiahui who blogs at Mum’s the Word ( She is a full-time working mummy of 3 kids, and she starts the day at 5.30 a.m. and ends it after midnight. With such hours, she has to consciously find Me-Time. Find out more in her blog tomorrow!


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