Bye Penang! Hi Batu Caves, Twins and Malacca!

After our Peak at Penang,  first stop on our return journey to Singapore was Batu Caves. It was an impressive sight as we embarked on the steep ladder up the cave!

Batu Caves


My eldest had counted the steps on his way down in order to distract himself from looking downhill since he was afraid of heights. Verdict? 272 Steps in total. Accuracy? I have no idea! ; p




The below was an awesome reminder of how great God’s creation are! I thought the right hand photo looked like an owl.


I’ve never seen such compact flock of Pigeons! It was really an amusing sight! We were wary of the implications and quickly dashed across those perching birds lest we ‘gana’ ‘gold’….



Our victory we-fies in conquering the climb.



THIS photo below was such a timely one! I had been trying to capture our Old school ‘Grocer Uncle’ who rides on scooter and deliver tidbits and bread etc to doorsteps since my first 2014 Penang trip! This guy had stopped right beside us at a traffic junction and my hubs quickly helped me snap him and his amused look… he must be wondering these tourists ah…. ding dong…. I recall my excitement as a child when this uncle scoots by my house and I’d run eagerly and hustle with other kids to get bread and snacks from the uncle. Excuse my overeagerness here ; p So cooool right? Wish we still had them here!


 Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers

The kids I think were more intrigued by the 3D mist light technology over here. The scenery was nice.





After our Penang Hotel stay, we settled for budget hotels like the Sky Hotel after Batu Caves and resided at Fenix Hotel which is just next to the Dataran Palahwan Mall. We feel Fenix Hotel is most pleasant and has decent amenities (hairdryer included!) for such a cheap deal.

This time I took the intricate designs of Malacca’s shophouses.







1-IMG_2594       1-IMG_2599

This is our usual to go place for Laksa in Jonker Street.


Nearby our Fenix Hotel, there was this kopitiam with a huge array of cooked food and porridge cum soup stall. Their food was yummy and I loved their kopi and teh.




Time for some leisure on site doodles before the malls open!




Before I end, I want to share some good ‘lobang’ (deals)! As an arty fan, I got really cheap washi tapes, stickers and scrap art materials from this shop called DIY store – MR D.I.Y.

There’s also this fabulous find for Sportswear and equipment at Sports direct dot com in Hatten Hotel. If you’re there, do check them out! We got our basketball for less than S$10.

I usually shop for all my working clothes, necessities and art supplies in Malacca. It’s one of my shopping haven! So my mega shopping is done once a year and I shop till I drop thanks to my hubs! : ) We also watch a movie together as a family since it’s rocket high to watch together as a family at home.

I hope you have enjoyed our stopovers! Do you have other favourite stops along the way? Do let us know too!

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Travel Tuesday Bumble Bee Mum


  1. Thank you for linking up on Travel Tuesday. I’m starving by the mention of Penang and Malacca. Batu Caves looks interesting, it was one of the shore excursions I could opt for when I cruised to Malaysia.. But *ahem*, I went on an eating tour instead.

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