Wonderful Memories SG50 (Sports Hub)

After spending a day of feasting on the flowery senses at Gardens by the Bay, we decided to exercise our senses at the Sports Hub!

It was buzzing with Blasting Jamming and we slowly laboured in Queues to try out the old school games like throwing marbles in a mini sandpit, hitting weighted cans, kicking Chapteh  and challenging with erasers/Kutih Kutih.

There was the bouncy slide and all sorts of bulls eye targets to shoot on.


What stood out was this mega tennis ball the size of a volleyball which one has to balance hitting with a giant racket! A breeze to my hubs. J looking so serious in his archery attempt!


There was this climbing steps 3M Step Up Challenge where the kids just used their extra Queue time to cover a few flights which was our way of expending their energy as well as contribute to the needy. : )


A spent a long time waiting for his turn to jump on the trampoline and was finally satisfied. Inside thhe Sports Library, the duo had settled comfortably to colour and make mini Sg flags.


Lastly, we headed to the OCBC Arena to play and was pleasantly greeted by this life-sized ‘table football’ formed by our lil ones! The boys really had a kick of their lifetime! It was amusing to see how they struggled to kick while being restrained by the ropes! This is a smashing idea!!!!



J managed to become a live sized bowling ball here!


Meanwhile I had a fun time learning a dance nearby and also stole some time of basketball for the boys. We were all exhausted but played to our hearts’ content!

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