Wonderful Memories SG50!

Happy Birthday Singapore! Thank You for the wonderful memories for the past 4 days!

We visited the

  1. Flower Dome

Frankly speaking this is my first time having the privilege of witnessing first hand such beautiful flora and fauna in such exuberance… It is next to impossible to grow such delicate flowers in Singapore’s weather. Yet this is made possible with technology. Here’s my feeble attempt at capturing some of the wonders we had experienced.

Papa is relating the history of Singapore, the first founder of our island was Sang Nila Utama.









2. The Cloud Forest

As we climbed up the stairs (I don’t understand why people would rather spend time Queuing up for the lift) and descended down the meandering sloped platforms, I cannot help but stand in wonder How Great God’s Creation is! I am sure, for those overseas counterparts, this pales in comparison to the nature around the world. However, to a tiny country like mine, it is a real feast to enjoy this display of albeit man-made nature. At least we get a glimpse of the real thing without the need to travel overseas. We can read and admire the beautiful photos in books but here we get to experience first hand. I am grateful to have the opportunity for this visit as a family at a discount to celebrate SG50.







We headed to the Water Play area The Children’s Garden to rest and take cover (rainy day) at the spacious seating area. We’re glad our plans still materialised since the Flower Dme and Cloud Forest are sheltered. Papa went to buy our dinner and the kids devoured their fried rice and Satay. They also took time to doodle and draw while waiting for the fireworks. Just before the fireworks started, we clambered into our car and papa drove to the floating platform where we caught the sparkles of fireworks in time!

This is by far the most significant NDP celebration we’ve had as a family.

Thank You for the Wonderful Memories to remember SG50! Thankful for all who worked hard during these days while we enjoy to ensure a smooth celebration!

Next up is Sport Hub Fun!

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