Only You, You’re Un-un-unbelievable!

I am very forgetful. Lest I forget, I better blog it down and better still, use this post as one of the ways to demonstrate my appreciation for my hubby. After the Mt Kota Kinabalu incident, I want to take every opportunity to say I Love You offline and online.

To The Man of My Life,

Just taking time to appreciate who you are through this post. I figured one of the ways to ‘surprise’ you is to have an unexpected non-occasion to thank you!

The past 4 days have been Precious being able to spend time together visiting the Flower Dome & Cloud Forest and Sports Hub and more.

Driving into the Expressway, our ears were ringing NDP (National Day Parade) chorus from behind. You whispered, “I dread the day …”  I drew near and caught, “when they no longer sing so enthusiastically the NDP songs…”  It is our National Day SG50 9th Aug. You enthusiastically play ‘Our Singapore’ by Dick Lee via Youtube on your i-phone in the car so that the kids (especially the boys) can listen and join in the melody to match their high spirits! I was busy replying a Watsapp chat while trying to catch the singing cum upbeat exchanges.

Pa: ‘ You know when I was a child, I also sang songs by Dick Lee? And now You are singing  a song by Dick Lee! He’s very old liao. He creates very good songs.’

A: ‘Which year is One People, One Nation, One Singapore sung?’

Pa: ‘Wait ah, I check!’

A: ‘ Which year was ALL the songs sung?’

Pa: ‘ Wha…   A, you ah really have to ask that question huh?’ Papa nonetheless googled them promptly and gave the list of answers. You see, by now we are prepared for A’s lists of questions.

A: ‘ So which song was sung on 2008?’ Ok, You get how the conversation went on….

However, in the midst of this, I caught sight of this precious life lessons that you impart so naturally. Teaching the kids during such impressionable moments, the significance of life.

You see the SPARK and you help to FAN it. God so willing, the fanning will result in a FIRE.

When it came to 2013, it was One Singapore.

Of course, you had to end with your version of it from your favourite All-Time Stephen Chow NDP song.

Disclaimer: This is really really just for laughs and is not shown out of ANY disrespect for the song.

Thus we ended our journey in the car filled with national pride and also tumbled out with our jaws aching from the hilarious juxtaposition of the above Stephen chow’s scene.

We then headed for our swim at SengKang Swimming Complex to chill.

On our return ride home, A quipped,  “Papa, my most funniest favourite shows are- 1) Mr Bean 2) Slam Dunk 3) Stephen Chow show 4) Tom and Jerry and 5) Road Runner!”

As much as you teach them excellent stuffs, well…. as much as I roll my eyes and shake my head

at the OTHER nonsense stuffs you introduce…. All I can say is

OOooooOOOnnnnnLlllly You…. (Stephen Chow again) can do such corny stuffs…..

You’re Un-un-Unbelievable!

Yet it is this very essence of ‘nonsense’ from you that connects you so tightly with the kiddos especially the boys. Something which I don’t get it (understand or even approve) as a mum, a female. I must say we have grown to accept and embrace each others’ eccentric streaks while tempering them from extremes along the years.


At the end of the day, as we knelt down to pray, indeed your prayer puts things back into perspective – It is not by the mere wisdom or intelligence of men that a country is made. (though We deeply respect and recognise our forefathers’ nation building efforts!) We believe it is the grace of our Sovereign God who made all these possible. We thank God for blessing us with our progress as a nation and we pray we will not take these things for granted.


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