New Jobs and New Discoveries!

Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

I Survived, no. More than that, I’m lovin it! : )

I count my blessings to be able to do what I love- Teach.

After sharing on my apprehension of returning back to work after 6 years, this week was a blast from the past! I discovered that returning has re-ignited the classroom teacher in me. I know it is not my lot to merely teach my own which explains why I despite my fears, still returned to work.

This new week has opened my eyes to see how God’s timing is the best.

‘ Byeeeeee Mama!!!!’ for the 10th time, J and E lingered to wave their growing hands while I scurried away for work. They were nonetheless cheerful and contented which set me at ease. I prepared them a few months in advance for this day by praying, discussing over the new routine.

It is heartening to know the laborious routine (read Day In A Life) that has been established over the first 4-7 years with the kids are bearing fruits now in my absence. After freshening up and brekky, J automatically practices his piano independently (a breakthrough!), we have our devotion, manage a storybook and I change like superman before flying out.

They continue with their playground time, drawing and creating sessions independently. This time, J had another thing on his list- to read aloud to E just One story. E then retold the story before bedtime to me. Ok, that was the first day. Smooth!

Before they leave for school, I would normally pray for them- this special role has also been taken on by J with special pleasure (I started passing the baton to him a week before I start work). He even sat at my usual spot embracing lil E praying, ‘ Thank You heavenly Father for this day, mama is going to work soon. Help me and meimei to concentrate in school and protect her from having more ‘balukus’ (bruises). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”

Along the days, our new routine got a bit tardy, and I had to remind them of our new time targets. As reading aloud to E was new to J, he soon forgot about it. Nevertheless, I am still very appreciative of the progress as it is not easy for all of us to adapt to a stringent time constraint henceforth.

The new phase has helped me appreciate their newly exhibited independence in my absence and I thank God that it is easier now that they are bigger and have learnt to occupy their time constructively without the IT gadgets. Upon my return from work, the remaining time will be as usual- playtime for them. For me? My eyes just involuntarily shut and I force myself to wake up in 10mins lest I can’t sleep early.

This is a beautiful start amidst the usual refereeing the kids when they quarrel or even fight. And the common scoldings and effort needed to discipline them when they misbehave… I also started having this unusual feeling- I’m Hungry all the time?!! Gulp, I’m becoming like my kids! Now I have more compassion on their tummies and I’ve to feed all of us together. : p

I recall Back to my calling post, and I’m amazed at how the Lord has brought us through all these years so faithfully! I trust that the Lord who ordains our paths, will continue to teach His children.

Meanwhile, I savour every opportunity with the family and pray I’ll be able to devote my time wisely in nurturing the students and A, J, E under my charge.

1-climb stairs

As I brought them back from school, they decided they wanna climb the stairs up home instead. I obliged. Am contented to be able to fetch them from school and savour this hand in hand filled with giggles climb.

Tis’ the (present) season to be joyful not the future nor the past.

Indeed, God’s ways are higher than ours. His timing wiser than ours.

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