Murder She Wrought!

Yes, I am my sister’s accomplice. A desperate one.

I never imagine myself murdering the poor chaps… I admit, I am not fond of them. I dislike them. Therefore will never bring myself to touch them IF not for the love of someone.

For his sake, I roped in my sister to perform our operation. I’m privileged to have my lil sis who is a pastry Chef to accompany me for our live crab hunt at Sheng Shiong. Those who know me, are aware that apart from fish, I only see seafood. To cook Crab noodle soup for my hubs is nowhere in my list until he tagged me on facebook asking for one. Seriously, if my sis did not help, I’d give up the idea of cooking for him!

Thanks to her, my hubs had his cravings satisfied. : )

Basically, we went to Sheng Shiong to buy our live crabs, ‘kiap’ (clammed) them and dumped them into the double plastic bags before they pinched us. Then sent them to the freezer for them to hibernate. This according to my sis helps to sedate them for an easier kill. When the time came, she took out the first victim and gave it one good blow. To our surprise, this was a feisty one! We tried a few more times and it still moved while we washed it! Ok… my turn. After a few attempts, I settled the other 2 crabs. The cleaning and twisting of the pincers, scrapping away the lungs, dislocating the body from the shell was an art.

1-Blog photos1

We finally did it and my sis taught me how to make the pepper crabs and do the soup. The recipe that my sis got the Crab Soup Noodle was from Food Made with Love. But we adapted quite a bit. I had used a huge fish head that was given by someone and the stock was great for the soup!

1-crab 9


I must say this day has been the most adventurous other than delivering my babies– From the 6km at 6.30am Great Eastern training run, then church, to shopping for live crabs ingredients to killing them with an iron chopsticks to peppering and souping them. I had never imagine that I would ever cook a crab, what more, start from a live crab! The things that love can drive us to do…..

I give thanks to God for opportunities and loved ones to be so adventurous as well as to learn much from!

So we tasted our foods of labour and had a Mantou heart-shaped Cake to celebrate my hubby’s birthday!

Needless to say, by the end of the day I was aching all over and was knocked out when my head touched the pillow. It was however, deeply satisfying and worth it.


1-dar bd71-crab 10

I am reminded of a song Abuden by our local group Budak Pantai. This band was introduced by my hubby and we had attended their live band singing before moons ago before kids. They are a talented of hilariously funny singers! Presenting this song that my hubs used to micmic and sing to me…. Now I dedicate to him- Would I cook a crab for you? Abuden! (For those unfamiliar, Abuden simply means ‘But of course!’ in Singlish)

And I even listen to Budak Pantai! Ok… For this Youtube version, pls bear with the lady- you’ll get to the main song soon! ; p ENJOY!

To my dear Soulmate

Am falling deeper in love with you each year.

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