Great (Eastern) Training feet for the Real Deal!

GE main

BEEP BEEP! 5.55am made me jumpstart and scramble to nudge my hubs up. I was ready in a jiffy and he sweetly sent me to The Sports Hub for my Great Eastern Women’s Run Training Run 11 Oct 2015.

Filled with eagerness, I followed the red Ts to the venue. This training had been postponed due to the haze and it is finally clear enough for a perk up 6km! We gathered at Stadium Roar for our warm ups. It was a literally stretching time that ensured our body tuned up to the pending run! I was glad to have my stretchy pants on for the ‘stunt’ below….

Warm up

We were pretty hyped up after this and started our run with gusto. There were the 6km runners like myself and the doubled 12km runners’ distances. The first distance prepares those for 5Km and 10Km participants while the latter is suitable for 10km and the half marathoners. I had a very pleasant time crossing over the bridge that led to Gardens by the Bay and towards Marina Barrage and detoured back to the start off point.

Along the way, I focused on the beautiful greeneries, spotting the birds and bees. I was highly inspired by a 60 over year old auntie who had conquered a half marathon last year! I continued with my Run-Walk-Run Strategy and completed my 6km in good stride.

It was a pleasant surprise to be greeted by the bananas, muffins, cereal bars and refreshing juice when we ended our journey! The icing to the muffins in this case, was my unexpected win CompressSport Calve Sleeves R2 (Race and Recovery) worth $79 ! Imagine my delight! : )


With this training run, I feel my enthusiasm and body gearing up for my Final Run! The below Race Pack was a morale booster with an extra T-shirt celebrating 10years of Great Eastern’s  commendable yearly runs! GE Run 2014 was also my maiden run! The enjoyable 5km enticed me to go for a second , third and now lifestyle goal of running.


This year the Great Eastern Women’s Run is privileged to support the Breast Cancer Foundation, Community Chest (in support of children with special needs) and the SingHealth Duke-NUS OBGYN Academic Clinical Programme. Which explains the tutu outfit to don in support of the causes mentioned.

Great Eastern Women's Run 2015 (1)

This year marks Great Eastern’s 10th year of unifying women in health and life. The run caters to women from all walks of lives. Featuring the 5km, 10km as well as 21.1km race distances, Great Eastern aims to make the run accessible to female runners of all levels. This year, a 100m Princess Dash has been introduced for the young ones. In addition, participants can don a tutu for a good cause.

All 17,000 race slots have been fully subscribed and a great turnout is to be expected on race day. Members of the public are ​​still welcome​d to join us ​at the race village, where​various fun and exciting activities ​catered for both adults and kids of all ages. ​It will be a good opportunity for all to bond and have a healthy day out with your family!

Event Name: Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015 (大东方女子竞跑​)​

Date: 1 November 2015, Sunday

Time:  7.00am (Race Village to open)
5.30am (21.1km Flag Off)
7.00am (10km Flag Off)
7.40am (5km Flag Off)
*subject to change
Venue: The Float@Marina Bay

For more Information please visit:

I truly look forward to gaining another mileage of experience in running with Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015 on 1st Nov! I no longer strive for a marathon goal because now I am addicted to running all thanks to my hubs!

How about you? Come and join us at the event and don’t miss out on 2016’s GE Run!

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Note: Images without my watermarks are credited to Great Eastern Women’s Run 2015.

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