We’re pART of the Exhibition! (Pameran Poskad SG50)


poskad flyer

Beery nice Beer, chips and nuts greet us at the entrance of tonight’s opening ceremony of Pameran Poskad SG50. 3years ago- that was the last Poskad exhibition held here.

I got to know about this event through a colleague. I liked the idea of postcard sized works and I registered for it forking $50 for the Exhibition. The printing of the postcards was another small sum thanks to my resourceful cousin! Without his help, I might not be able to join in time. Thank God for answering our prayers in printing out these the night before the submission date!



Hubby – my stable right hand Stamp man!


The interesting part is we not only get to display our artworks, we also get to sell them?! How cool is that? It’ll be a great morale booster for kiddos if they see their works being sold. : ) We are selling cheap as we want to share our heartworks with others.


On the left are kids’ works while mine is One Word series on the right.

We also have full sets of A-Z Paintings for Christmas if you want to send Christmas cards! There are also loose ones selling for $2 each.


We got lost in a-maze-ment of artworks. This whimsical and playful Art  was what caught our attention.


Then I nudged A and we started searching for our own works. ‘ MAMA……..!!!!!!! I FOUND OUR WORKS!!!!’ hollered A.

I quickened to his call in slight embarrassment. He was So excited to show and asked me whether the returns will be given to the organisers or us when someone buys our postcards. He yelped in delight when I said we will receive the returns. Making Dollars and Sense here?


Attending the opening ceremony somehow evokes a sense of wonder and thrill as we see crowds appreciating the different varieties of artworks along with the artists themselves! I was pleased to see someone buying my One Word ‘Still’ postcard. This is my FIRST sale of my Artwork! Imagine that? I too became like my child, as eager in this exhibition. It is just a good feeling to know someone appreciates our forms of expressions. Art can be made affordable too!



With that, A was eager to use his $4 from his wallet to buy something. I offered him $6 more. After a long time of seriously thoughtful scouting, he finally settled for one piece of sunrise colouring by another child. It was $6. Then he spotted something he really liked- the MRT Ink drawing at $8. I melted and told him I’d sponsor $10 so that he can purchase the both works. He promptly set down to count his money. (In my excitement, I forgot to note down the artists’ names. I will do so in my next visit!)

If you want to buy anything, just ask one of the staff to help you record the work. Leave your particulars and make payment. The artwork will only be available to bring back at the end of the exhibition. Postage delivery is also made available. We’ll be back! With J and E and I hope the ones I eyed will still be there. : ) I had too many fancies, so I’ll only decide upon my return. The works ranges from our $2 to few hundreds.

1-buy art


I would really appreciate it if you can support us by just clicking the SHARE button below on your FB and better still, come admire a world’s artists from renown to budding artists both near and far!


For more information check out http://keyakismos.com/pameranposkad/

And Like their facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pameranposkad

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