My Dream Play Haven! (Playeum Review)

Yes, you see right. This place is my ideal dream Play and Art Haven. Oh well, at least for that day! ; )

Why Haven? It is what I call a safe place to freely PLAY SERIOUSLY. We were invited to join the Big Draw Event which had many artists in engaging the crowd in the Visual and Audio feast of the Arts. The exhibition and Arts activities were free and the Playeum centre was at 20% discount which I did a shout out at my Facebook page during that period. If you don’t see any feeds of mine in your FB, you might want to pop by my FB to check on updates.

Play Seriously? As my boys are growing out of their preschooling age, I see them playing lesser nowadays. They would rather sit around and banter, read storybooks, play boardgames/draw and go outdoors. To see them totally Engrossed in Play was a refreshing sight!

Creative Car Race

The moment they stepped into Playeum, they dashed for mini steel cars and charged the green lanes with gusto. The variety of recycled cardboard rolls, stools, sponges and track parts provided much platform for DIY stimulating play.


Speed Car Ramp

Ramping up the play is this DIY Super Stylo Speed Car Ramp! It is highly tempting for me to put a toddler down as a mega slide! Here, the boys went into a deep investigative work cracking their heads to outdo the last model they created to test which type of car could speed-cross over the mid-gap and survive the crash! Look at the pure exhilaration of victory! This activity itself captured their hearts for a gd 2 hours!



Cosy Corner

E was content to play at her cosy corner meant for lil ones. The glass coloured liquid blocks are my dream play toys. She enjoyed doing her lil gym moves with the cushion parts.


The Dark Room

Don’t be deceived by this dull hidden section curtained up. The Dark Space conjured up such mysterious atmosphere, when the torch lit up, I saw Disney sparkling up the room like magic! Now that I am blogging, I realised I’d missed the important part of discovering what mystical objects were hiding in those tiny boxes??! Now you know what to take note of. I was mesmerized by the magic inside I forgot about the task. ; p




DIY Marble Runs

We’ve done something similar at home with a table. I was surprised that A was still keen to play and create his own run.


Cardboard City

This section is dedicated to the free play of mega cardboxes! What a bash! However, my boys didn’t spend any time over here. They were too busy with the rest that they skipped this entirely. Not surprising if you’ve seen them playing with those things  all the time at home.


The Big Draw Event

Let the pictures speak the thousand words to you!


Both professional and budding artists at work.


Musicians too joined the Art band with their own compositions.


This is the room on the left side of the Playeum. It’s an Art Space for anyone to pop by and doodle with rainbow nylon strings, doodle and colour for free and for fun.


Installation Art by Artist Agatha Lee

It was nice to meet a fellow mum blogger and participate in her weaves of colours! This is a collaborative community installation project where the public weaves and puts up their work, leaving their imprints in the formation of the beautiful Webs of Art. You can do it too! Just follow the instructions below.





Before entering the Playeum, I bought packets of food for our lunch and we had our fill below entering into the play island. This was a good move as  I had problems getting them to take a tea break! For those who follow my blog, by now you’d know my kids are always hungry and ever ready to munch! It speaks volumes when they’re not enticed by the snacks. Therefore, please bring along your own food and drinks. There is only a café nearby which is quite expensive.

Be prepared to stay there for an extended time. I had to force them to leave after 4 solid hours of non stop play! I could not bring myself to stay any longer as food was low and my energy was like the blinking light of ultraman beeping….

I recommend children from 4years and above in order to have value for money out of this Play Centre. Mainly because the activities require a certain level of competence and psychomotor skills. E had enjoyed herself but was comfortable only at the cosy corner, dark room and mini car tracks.

In conclusion, due to the collaboration of The Big Draw, Playeum had the added Oomph factor. By itself, the center holds promising time of creative spaces and thoughtfully planned stations that stimulates the inquiring minds. Kids upon leaving, instantly quipped, ” Mama, when can we come back again? Next time we must ask papa along to show him and play with him!”

For more details, check out or follow their Facebook to get their latest updates.

Are You planning holiday activities? Mark this place now. : )

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Disclaimer: We were invited to participate in the The Big Draw and The Playeum. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. 

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  1. Glad you enjoyed your time there, and thank you for taking the time to say “hi”. I do agree with the non stop playing. My son was there and forgot to eat, and he is 10!

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