A Decade of 2 Hearts

How about a Getaway to HK? No, Taiwan? Too short, bohua (no value for money) Then BK? Nah. Bataam? Huh?? ….

It took me many months before I finally agreed to fly somewhere with  my lover without the kids. The weight of 10 years together finally pushed me over the edge of motherhood comfort zone and jump into this notion of holidaying without our precious AJE.

In the end, we settled for a staycation with our trusted and able Auntie of theirs (i.e. my eldest sister), who sacrificed her leave to take our children for camp over at her place. As we could not find further assistance, we only had 3 days to spare. Since the goal is couple time, it matters not where our vacation is spent. What matters is Whom I spend the time with.

As you all know, my hubs does all the traveling and administration of events. This time is no different. However, what was planned by the Lord was beyond what I had imagined as many exciting events coincided on our weekend stay. : ) Take a walk with us and try for yourself some of the places! We became local tourists and I marvel at the vibrancy of our local scene.

Fullerton Hotel

My hubby mentioned to the Hotel about our 10th Year Anniversary and they surprised us with their post bear with hearts!  Thank You beary much!

Satay Night Fever by National Parks Board

We grooved to the beat of the live bands performing just outside Victoria Theatre and savoured the Satay bun, mee siam, coney fries and craft beer. The first thought was – AJE will be so thrilled by the live band but it means Food No Enough! ; p So we snapped back into our romancing and felt glad we could enjoy this event without burning a hole in our pockets with the kids appetites.

For more events in December, do click NLB Activites

Just outside Asian Civilisation Museum, sit these giant iron balls that enticed us with their surreal reflections encapsulated in a sphere.

SG Heart Map

We took a long stroll after our heavy brunch at the hotel and landed at the SG heart map event. It was sizzling hot and we took cover in the comfort of this Igloo like dome which showed photographs and video clips of the different facets of SG which we plonked ourselves onto the carpeted floor to view the ceiling screening.

Click on SG Heart Map Events for upcoming activities to let our children have a better idea of our past, present and future!

Hermes Exhibition

This was really unexpected. We went into this little room which showcased Herme’s collection of antiques at the Victoria Theatre site. Then hubby thought why not enter the Art Science Museum to view the free exhibition since we strolled thus far. Why not?

The exhibition made the fantasy stories I had read about Alice in wonderland come alive! I had forgotten to bring my camera for the staycation and relied on my hubby’s phone. These are a few good shots. I was mesmerised but also mindful of the amount of effort, not to mention money spent on such an elegant show….

There’s a Friday deals on free admission for Children (under 12 up to a max of 4 kids) with every purchased adult ticket. Do click here for more details.

National Gallery of Singapore

We will be visiting this place soon! For now, we were content to soak in the beginning buzz of the NGS event.

Do take the opportunity to visit the NGS for free and it lasts only till 6th Dec! Click Here for more details.


Tsukada Nojo Bijin Nabe

At Chinatown Point. You can read a review of it Here. It was our last meal (dinner) before heading home sweet home.

Before that, we caught 007 at Great World City’s GV. Hubby intentionally guided me to the McCafe. We both chuckled and took a we-fie to remember THE DATE that hubby asked me officially to be his girlfriend.

Our Wedding Shots

I selected these photos as these were what my marriage was built on.

To my beloved,

My ring has tarnished,

beauty fading,

belly chunks dancing,

wrinkles aligning

like irons we many a times sharpen each other painfully



Love of Christ

Your Laughter, Humour and Honour

Our Vows for a Lifetime

These have carried us through the decade of our journeying

as One.

One major language of love for me- is words of affirmation. I waited and waited. No letter for a good whole year. I dropped a big hint. You asked me to go to the reception to get your ‘credit card’ and the free parking coupon. I went and found it odd why a card was enclosed in an envelope? I had to check if it’s inside. To my surprise, yes, you did again! It was a handwritten letter. As I read the love note, my cheeks became wet. You made me cry. Thank You for acknowledging my ‘sacrifices’. I hadn’t think of my staying at home a sacrifice. But your hindsight let me realise I did miss having my own income and liberty to purchase gifts- for others. I had been shopping for you and so many others with the first salary I had. And  I enjoy it. Thank You for giving so much to me that I need not think about myself. Because of your love I can give freely knowing I am well taken care of and extremely well off.

This staycation is my second honeymoon. Looking forward to many more to come!

Forever in love with you,


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  1. Happy 10th wedding anniversary Angie and what a well deserved staycation to celebrate the both of you! And what a blessing to have a hubby who’s so loving and appreciative of you even after all these years. May you have many many more anniversaries to look forward to.

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