Hols Bond 1 (National Art Gallery)

By now, you might have noticed I’ve scaled down my blogging. I still have lots that I wish to share, but the reality of juggling my teaching in classes and paying attention to the kids forbid me to blog as before. I had wanted to do a review in a glance post, but after collating the Art outing photos, I couldn’t bear to do that! I had to devote one post on this meaningful and fun outing! : ) Here goes!

The visit to the National Art Gallery on 3rd Dec 2015 was a feast to the eyes and senses, a literal eye opener for us! We were welcomed by this tactile game of colours which our kiddos went bonkers as though playing the Jackpot machine- grabbing those lovely translucent discs to insert into the a-maze-ing tracks! It’s an ingenious play of lights in tactile and kinesthetic form involving science and art play.



The group of J’s classmates and mum friends made this a splendid experience! We also had the privilege of a mini tour guide from one of the mum’s personal friend.

Next we headed to DBS Gallery and UOB SouthEast Asian Gallery.


After the sculptures and paintings, the kiddos were amused by the prison cells and had fun hopping onto the glossy chess-like tiles while we admired the beautiful and grand courtrooms.


Keppel Centre For Art Education

This was definitely the highlights of the Gallery. The first 2 rooms had scrap materials for creating and to be completed numbered ‘drawing’ activities. What caught their attention was the interactive Visual Dictionary by Milenko Prvacki that were stuck onto the magnetic boards. You are invited to ‘play’ with them by rotating and re arranging them. Not only do we interact by playing, we’re encouraged to write sticky notes and express our opinions about the art. Postcards are also available for us to respond to the artist.


I am heartened to see J’s response- ‘Looks like a person spinning round and round’ for the painting on the top right hand corner. A surprised me by his – Artists are wonderful, they draw, paint and create.

I adore his simple, childlike appreciation and matter of fact art criticism from the boys. E too joined the postcard brood and copied ‘ I like your artworks!’


J somehow was inspired by his classmate’s long lovely hair and did his first hand observation of her!


Home-a-Sapiens by Tan Wee Lit

Here, we’re prodded to think of how we want to create our future home.


Art Playscape: Adventures of the Enchanted Forest by Sandra Lee 

It’s like stepping into Alice in Wonder Land, where the pages of the illustrated storybook resurrects to life, enveloping us! Due to the crowd, we were only allowed 10mins to 15mins inside.


Wu GuanZhong : Beauty Beyond Form.

After the exciting Play ground, we ended our tour at this talented Chinese Painter.


Sira Pisang by Roslisham Ismail

The outdoor whimsical Food Floor Art brought much delight to all!


At the Roof Garden, you can enjoy a refreshing view of the beautiful scenery of our city landscape!

I do hope to revisit again and slowly savour deeper the flavours of our local arts.

We were glad to catch the free admission during that period of inaugural opening and relished our moments there!

After this visual feast, we headed for our Church Camp cum extended road trip to our neighbour Yet again! : )

Stay tuned for the trip details!

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