Keep Calm & Mother On Giveaway


I would cry… I feel sad seeing her, the way she is now. But I control my emotions. I push myself forward so that I can help my girl move forward…. I do not want myself or my girl to be overcome by self-pity.‘ Janie Siah on how her daughter lost her leg to Osteosarcoma.

‘”But it can’t be helped,” she said, trying to hide the disappointment in her tone. ” That’s life of a working mum. Too bad. ”  Or is it? Ruth Wan-Lau searched hard and redefined her own role.

‘”Where’s my little girl gone?”.  ” Who is this stranger?” ‘ laments Anne Soh as she journeys into the tween-teen stages of her children.

‘ My gift is not working in the kitchen, it’s eating what comes out of it!’ Quips Dawn Yip when she made the decision to wean off from her live-in domestic helper of over 10years. She shares on her struggles to manage her business and family of 3 tween kids.

These are just the tip of the iceberg extracts from the 21 inspiring and realistic parenthood struggles of our very own Singaporean Mothers.

From 1-21 years old children, the bread and butter issues of Primary Schoolers, tuition or not, to the heart wrenching moments of deaths and sweet victories of love reigning. This book was an unexpected trove of encouragement and motivation to me in my mothering. Thanks to Christy Wong whom I had the privilege of befriending and was blessed to receive this book in a Christmas gift exchange party. Christy from Kids R Simple is also one of the contributors of this book. She shares on how she copes as a Full Time Working Mum with 3 kids without a domestic helper at that time. Pop over her blog to discover how she manages her time connecting with her children in the midst of her heavy schedule.

As I have been deeply moved by Keep Calm and Mother On, I decided to do my small part in supporting our local authors with this Giveaway token. To bless another mother in her journey this Mother’s Day. From a mother to a mother.



I have 1 book to give away to my Singapore readers.
1) Leave your email address on this Facebook Post and share a line on what motherhood means to you.

I will choose the winner with the most thoughtful quote and announce it by next Mon 9 May 2016. I will also be sharing the mum’s quote on my GrowingHearts FB page.

You can also purchase these at Popular bookshops.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. It is my personal contribution to bless one of my reader and thank your support for GrowingHearts123. 


——————————– GIVEAWAY ENDED————————-

Announcement of Winner:

Karen Tay’s Quote of Mother’s Day

‘ Mothers forgive their children graciously daily.’  

Thank you for this hallmark quote of motherhood. Rock On Mothers!



  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your generosity to bless a lucky mother.
    The word ‘Mother’ is not just a word but holds many stories behind it. Stories of happiness, joy, love, sacrificial, excitment, laughter, fear, worries, anger, frustration, disappointment, tears etc. It cannot be best describe in 1 sentence cos it is too many. 🙂
    However to sum it all, motherhood teaches me & I am constantly learning to be humble, patient, gentle in spirit – slow to temper but quick to forgive, be responsible and to love unconditionly. It is a lifetime commitment but not weary cos the joy & happiness it brings outweigh all.
    I hope i can get hold of this book and continue to grow & learn to be a better mother and be an inspiration to new mothers too.

  2. Thank you for participating in this giveaway! The winner for Keep Calm, Mother On is Karen Tay! It was a tough decision as each mum has great insights to motherhood. Karen’s One-Liner nontheless, resonates the hallmarks of motherhood in all of us. I hope you all had enjoyed your celebration of mummyhood! : ) Have a great week ahead!
    Quote of the day-
    ‘ Mothers forgive their children graciously daily.’

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