(Media Invite) Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2016

‘ MAMA! My Alarm Beeped! Time to go!’ A popped into our room. So fast? 6 am.

Our clothes, tags, socks and time chips secured on shoelaces were all laid out the night before. We were out in half an hour with a full breakfast tucked in our tummies. Hubs sent us there and we had a good whole morning before he returned for us!

We met with this view upon reaching and I was glad the tents were huge and visibly labeled. Apart from the slow traffic where people tend to stop short between the Milo truck and the Pen holding areas, the carnival section was nicely spread out above the open plain area away from the buzzling race fort. I managed to send my boys off to their Boogey Banana Sprint (800m). I was pleasantly surprised to have a smooth and jiffy Pick-Up after their Sprint plus still had plenty of time to take photos with them before E and I strolled to our AIA Vitality Fun Run (800m for 5,6 years old).

One thing that stood out before this race began, there was a stall of waiting time- to change the route of the sprint so as to ensure the safety of the children due to the wet ground. I was impressed as this is an indication of them acting in good faith with much thoughtful consideration.


Look at how Serious these lil runners are!! WooHoo!!


Girl Power! E and I stroll- a- jog and made our last burst of effort into the finishing line with smiles.


The array of fun-filled activities were worth our MUDDY Soles!


At first, kids and I were uncomfortable soiling our shoes. I shrugged away the eeky feeling (fear of don’t wanna stain my shoes logic) and went ahead with the kids. The kids I realised took the cue from me and overcame their uneasiness after the 2nd round. A who is the most particular of all, outdone himself by going for a 3rd round like there’s no return! What’s the worst that can happen? Wash shoes lor! And that’s what they did.

So, after the below bouncy ball of a time in an air conditioned dome, they were game to go for the next, the next and the next…..


This was what captivated my boys! Laser Tag Attack!!!  They were separated into 2 teams 5-5. Do you see how A squeezed in between 2 tents but eventually still got discovered by a sharp girl?? It was pretty hilarious. A queued 3 times for this game  and the rest of us returned to the tent to rest and recuperate from the overload of fun.


The special surprise was the opportunity to say ‘Cheese’ with Neil Humphreys! Other than cheese, we got to munch on apples, bananas, generous flow of buns, Magnolia Fresh Milk and more.


Departing from the sea of green, we were muddylicious. Mamamia commanded them to take off their shoes and we rinsed our brown toes wriggling with glee along the way till we hopped into Papa’s car! That saved us a lot of time from cleaning and solved temporarily the muddy feet from staining the already-waiting car. : )


See what I mean??? On a side note, I am proud that their usual routine of washing their own school shoes made this muddy job chicken feet. A happy ending- My boys scrubbing their own shoes and my shoes divided nicely between the 2 of them. : )


I really want to thank Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2016 for such a memorable event! The weather had turned out to be a great advantage as we gathered in the coolness of the morning. The holding area seemed more pleasant to wait without the humid heat. The mud which put many people off, became a muddylicious playground for those who ventured to put their feet down into that oozy paste.

Were you there? We’re looking forward to 2017’s Run! How about You?

Want to know how did your child fare?


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Disclaimer: Cold Storage Kid’s Run 2016 had sponsored our race.  No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger. 


  1. […] Last year my kids had a smashing time racing and clamouring up and down their carnival plaforms! I recall the weather was damp and soft trickles of raindrops made the ground muddy. However, that did not deter us from ‘cheong-ing’ the enticing carnival stations! All of us returned satisfied with muddy shoes and ruddy faces. I was happy because kids washed my shoes for me. : ) Read about the race Here. […]

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