Hols1 Go Eastern Coast: Kuantan

For this holiday trip, I shall let the photos and my hubs’ comments do most of the talking. : )

2000km road trip from eastern coast of Malaysia to the west… From Kuantan to Kuala Trengganu to Berjaya Hills to our favorite compulsory visit to Malacca.. Filling each day with loads of activities and laughter.. Tiring drive but it’s interesting to explore new places that we have not gone to before.. Every day is a surprise!

Here’s my hubby’s itinerary ( Yes, I am blessed to have my man plan and drive for all our trips!! Thank You my dearest!)

  • 7/6 set off at 0700. Breakfast at Gelang Patah after clearing customs. Reach Kuantan Swiss Garden Beach Resort at 1400 for 5D4N stay.
  • 7-11/6 chill at resort. Spent one day at Bukit Gambang Waterpark (40mins drive from Kuantan)
  • 11-12/6 Kampong Cina at Kuala Trengganu. Stayed at Felda Residences. [this was not in our plan as we had one night that I did not book any lodgings. Actually made a huge 2.5 hours detour up to KT before heading back to our plans] – more about why we made the detour in my next post
  • 12/6 Head back to highway E8. Stop over at Sungei Lembing town which is known for her tin mines. Had lunch there before heading to Berjaya Hills. Stayed at Colmar Tropicale (French themed village on the hills)
  • 12-14/6 Enjoyed the activities in the village where there’s animal farm, Japanese tea house, adventure games. But got to scale down expectations from what you see on the website as the place is not very well maintained. Nontheless, our kids enjoyed them all anyway.
  • 14-18/6 set off for Melaka town. There’s a whole lot of stuff to do there. We’ve been there like… 2-3 times a year since we have kids…In my opinion, if u skip KT, you can find some more interesting things along highway E8 to do such as nature trails/hikes or homestays. Or if you are adventurous enough, you can continue up on the Eastern Coast after KT to Kelantan (which a restaurant uncle told me in Kuantan that there’s nothing much there) or to Hatyai!!! Otherwise, the Eastern Coast is really more for the beaches and jetties to take ferries to offshore islands for diving. We will probably stick to the west coast from now on (malacca-KL-Ipoh-Penang)

Here’s our KUANTAN STAY!

I love the idyllic, clean and silky sandshore! The kids can frolic and play in the pools, run to the sand and back into the pool for days.

1-2016-06-07 Gambang

Thanks to my helper who educated us on these tiny moving creatures which I finally get to see and mustered courage to touch them, we interact with the hermit crabs. From fear to fascination and ultimate fun! We did return them to their habitat after enjoying them with great curiosity.


What beautiful and intriguing patterns they make upon digging into the sand? We thought the tiny beads were eggs but it turned out to be sand beaded patterns!




We had such a fantastic view of the rising sun. I was determined not to be blocked by the trees. Ladies just in time for the rising sun.


The resort’s buffet was reasonable fare. What was tantalising was their cafe food and their Chinese Restaurant which served special Dim Sum like custard charcoal buns, prawn fishcake crisps and more! We had devoured them before I could take any pictures. A trick to get the kids settled down without disturbing other guests- story books, activity book, and a new interest on Sudoku with the ipad.


Pak Su Seafood Restaurant is a real treat for all. My hubs declares it as ‘super fresh!’ with a satisfied smile.



There were activities that kept the kids occupied. From the arcade, indoor mini play area, wii, X-box to batik painting and more. We booked the Family Fun package and enjoyed some facilities for free.



Bukit GamBang Water Park

This place is full of fun and adventure if you are not particular over the old and worn out ‘looks’ of the water features. It is not very well maintained I must say but we were blissfully ignorant of that as the kids and us enjoyed the whole experience with the adrenaline rush and relaxed chills.





See you again in Hols part 2: Trengganu, the tin mines, Berjaya Hills and Malacca.

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