Wah! Papa 好厉害 (Super) ah!

To my hubby, the Papa in you,

The above heading is the exact phrase used over and over again from our kids.

As we know the early years, I was upset that you were not very engaged when the kiddos were babies. Most of the caring and mothering took a major toll in the early infant years of parenting. Your ‘excuse’ was that babies can’t remember much and I guess you didn’t know how to play with such fragile ones? Albeit, I knew my mothering infants years were not easy also due to the natural tendency of nursing babies, so you instinctively did not do much.

However, as our babies grow into talkative and walk-ative persons, your father- instinct grew like the magical Jack’s beanstalk, surprising my blurry shadows of past inactivity. Truly, you are always purposeful and careful with your words. You mean what you say and say what you mean. Throughout these years, I witness how you are always grooming yourself to be a better father with constant reading and learning from others. These years you have kept your promise to actively love, laugh, and teach them once they learn to walk and talk.

With your constant presence and support, our kiddos are learning not to take me, their mother for granted. You always demand that they treat me with respect and tenderness whenever the boys go overboard. You know, God gave me eternal hope in Christ and gave me a glimpse of His earthly love through you.  Here’s just a series of Papa -razzi photos!

To you, the

  1. Motivated Driver Dad

In all our road trips, your marathon spirit is the literal driving force! Traveling beyond the GPS route sensibly.


2. the Delightful Entertainer Dad

You dance, sing, play guitar, play with the kiddos with gusto and tenderness.


3. The Inspiring Runner Dad

You set an example for the family (including me) in your quest for physical excellence and endurance.


4. the Reflective Teacher Dad

You capture moments to impart values and life skills, live a Godly lifestyle in pointing the kids to Jesus our Lord.


5. The Adventurous Dad

Your sense of adventure to take risks- whether succeed or fail, we give our best shot provided much support to embolden our kids.


6. the Cool Dad

Your confidence permeates in the drums and even having that care for the animals makes you the coolest dad.


7. the Receptive and Tender Hearted Dad

After my reminder on how the boys need more encouragement from your usual strict training, you think of creative ways to show your affections to them! The boys just relished every morsel moment of being carried by you with your ‘before they grow too heavy to be carried’ rationale.


8. the Un self-conscious Dad

You humbly accept who you are while trying your best to be the Dad that our Heavenly Father has called you to be.


You are not the perfect Dad, but you are just the right one for our blessed kids! I am so proud of you!

Happy Father’s Day!


From the Yeows


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