Hols2 East to West: Trengannu-Berjaya Hills-Malacca

After our Kuantan adventure, hubs decided to make the trip to Kuala Terengannu for his beloved- Me- sake! It would cost us 2 and a half hours of detour which meant a further route to Sungei Lembing town which is known for her tin mines. He knew I would be interested in the murals and stuffs in Chinatown and since we’re already in the Eastern Coast, we might as well adjourn to see what it avails.

I was pretty amused by the routeless-blank GPS when hubs decided to ride on their new expressway instead of following their ‘small roads’. Look at the parking meters that require cash! Kids and I were eagerly recounting how this was used in Mr Bean’s films!

Kampong Cina at Kuala Trengganu




The Turtle Alley


Murals: There’s a mini exhibition on the events of Terengganu. They LITERALLY MOVED their house!! Can you beat that??! I like the instagram box.



We settled down at Mek Awang Cafe and tried their chendol waffle ice cream.


Overall, the this chinatown experience was a disappointing one. Why? If you had gone to Penang’s Georgetown, you will know what I mean. This area is just 1 alley of Georgetown! The beauty of this trip lies not in the experience, but in the heart of my loving hubby who made the effort and even though it was not worth the effort and time, he left the place with not a single hint of regret or complaint! With that, I went away to the next destination with a full heart and tummies!

Tin Mine @Sungei Lembing town

The food in this town is tasty (we ate inside the more ‘modern’ eatery opposite the hawker) and this old uncle’s ‘duck egg’ (ya dan mian) noodles was springy and the broth delicious! He also sells hand made Durian kueh paste but was sold out by our visit. His noodles also come in an interesting ginger soup similar to our Tang Yuan soup.


We paid RM250 for 6 of us to enter the mine. It was a very authentic and insightful experience. Kids had enjoyed the short ride and were curious throughout the long walk. E was afraid but she plodded on with her hands tightly clinging onto mine. The bottom left item that you see? It’s not a typewrite, as we thought, it is a CALCULATOR!


Colmar Tropicale @ Berjaya Hills

We stayed here for 3days and 2 nights. This place is no longer pristine clean and is in want of a fresh coat of paint cum decoration. Nontheless, the cool weather makes up for the environment and the French concept still gives us a satisfying aesthetic appeal. The hotel is in good condition and this place offers really good food!


There’s a mini carnival game stalls, a decent arcade which still dispenses bursts of water from the shooting gun to our squealing delight!


Our idyllic times spent on drawing what we observed. I was pleased to see how the kids have grown in their observation and drawing skills through the years. The best thing- they have learnt how to take time to draw and A even did a good observation! Usually he would be disinclined to draw what he sees and just doodles or draws his own comics which is also fine. : )


Japanese Village @ Berjaya Hills

This isn’t a village as they term it. It’s just an area that has 2 ‘houses’ one of which to don the traditional costumes which we didn’t want to pay and the other is for taking photos. Then there was a restriction to enter further into the garden. Nontheless, we enjoyed the cool water stream and fed the fishes instead.


Japanese Botanical Garden’s Restaurant

We did enjoy the luxury of taking our appetising lunch sets and hanging out reading and drawing at the balcony which faces the pretty flowers of the garden! We did not venture into the Botanical garden as we wanted to catch the bus back to the resort.


Animal Farm

It was our first time having such up close encounters with deers in a playground! The kids were delighted to touch them and tried touching the rabbits. They also took a short donkey ride. However, it is sad to see the poorly maintained state of the farm.

Lastly, our Malacca trip is blogged over HERE. I introduce an enchanting Woods Cafe which sells second hand old books with all kinds of genre!


For this road trip, I am grateful to God for protecting us throughout the trip and keeping us healthy to enjoy our holidays! I also want to thank my hubs for being such a great sport to plan and drive us up the routes. Since I have the habit of Not bringing my phone overseas, I have plenty of time to reflect, pray, read, study, feast like a queen and shop till I drop!

We also have our AARRRgggHHHhhh moments when we step on each others’ toes, more of kids stepping on ours… Papa scolding the kids for misbehaviours and tantrums. One salient lesson during this trip was on contentment. Instinctively, when we smell something awful, or when the place is not as clean as what we are used to, there would be complaints. ‘Why is this place stinky?/ why are they so slow? / Whay they don’t have this?/ Huh.. Must we leave now? / Must we walk somemore?/ there’s nothing for us to play here?!’ are common remarks made by the kids especially 1 boy. There’s a time for them to play and there’s a time for them to let us shop while they follow. It’s not all about them. We do things together as a family, taking care of each other’s needs and wants as well.

We had to remind him to choose contentment and see how much fun we had, the food that we enjoyed, instead of griping over the negative points. It was not easy as patience run thin, we would be scolding the kids for their ungrateful attitudes. In my heart, I knew we had to commit this child to God and the Lord laid this burden to me and my hubby unbeknownst to me. My hubs gathered the family and said we need to pray for especially this boy and laid hands on him as a family before we set out for our last 2 days of Malacca. Finally,we noticed by the end of our trip, this boy was improving slowly and changing his attitude. Now we still need to remind him and he tries to think positively, pray and embrace contentment.

Finally, our post trip review of the experience. What better way to learn geography by having such life application? Kiddos drew a map and we discussed the routes we took. Then they also recorded in their journals 3 things they can thank God for in this trip.



How have you spent your holidays?

How about doing a simple map to recap your precious memories and learn geography as well?

May you enjoy your weekends and be prepared for the start of a new term!

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