Race for the Living

Yesterday, I ran in Race against Cancer. It was my maiden 15km run and I am glad that after 3 years of running, I finally crossed over to another milestone in my running lifestyle. All thanks to my awesome cheerleaders who supported me and Ra-Ra for mama! As I ran, this race’s significance did not hit me much. Only once in the run, I thought of my father and I thanked the Lord for a wonderful dad He had blessed me with and concentrated on plodding on my last 4km.


I was more concerned over pressing on to finish the race than over my reason for running. Race against Cancer. I think this race has done much to raise funds and create awareness for the cancer society’s fight against cancer. I ran not with noble intentions of fighting against cancer, I ran because I want to run and this is a noble cause for running. Those who run with that intention, and those cancer survivors who ran courageously, I salute you!

The ironic thing is- I lost my father to colon cancer 15years ago. I had imagined myself to feel the painful memories in the race, but to my surprise I found none. Instead, I was singing praises to God and with that split moment of remembrance,  I was filled with peace and thanksgiving, counting my blessings to have had such a tender hearted father. It could only mean one thing- I have been significantly healed from my past heartache.

We can admire the cancer survivors from afar, but unless it hits you or your loved ones directly, life is normal. It struck me that


I ran for the living.

I ran for my family. I run as a lifestyle to keep fit and delay the speed of illnesses.

I know I will most likely not be spared from cancer since ‘Statistics on this disease are startling: 35 cases of cancer diagnosed every day, and cancer remains to be the Number 1 Killer in Singapore, with 1 in 3 that dies from cancer each year.’ (http://raceagainstcancer.org.sg/) With my dad’s history, I am not surprised if I die of cancer too? (no need to ‘choi choi choi’ or touch wood for me. hee ) I am merely stating the possibility.

This race gave me the needed push to share an open letter to my kids before I forget the wonderful memories and how I struggled with my faith upon my father’s death. I want to share this so that they too can find strength and hope when my time comes.

My open letter : You Will Never Walk Alone

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