She Says Hi to 5! (Review)

‘ Mama, I want to be 5YO now…’

‘But Why?’

‘I want to become a K1 and grow bigger!’

That was last year when she had many of such exclamations. This year she wishes to be P1 fast! Now she says Hi to 5, soon she’ll happily go hand in hand with the boys to P1! By then, I don’t have a 3rd hand to hold them altogether…. Precious are these moments….Ok, back to our celebration.

While preparing for E’s party, we were busy with the games and ignored the decoration for the party. Why? Because it was well taken care of by  Floral Garage ! I need not fret over another set of DIY decorations as the package were delivered right to our outdoors.

Since E’s birthday theme’s Bearllerina Pony,they had this lovely Unicorn Pinata which was heaven matched as it also look like pony right?! As Sua Kus , we were informed that the pinata is empty, so we bought sweets, Kutih Kutihs, marshmallows and m & ns for filling. The parcel of tassels and pompoms were deceivingly few until we read the instructions and they popped into 3D fluffs and tufts! I checked near Turf City, for the same quality single pom pom fluff size, it costs more than double the amount.


Below, E was getting started with the pompom and filling up the tall Unicorn Pony with Kor Kor A! I must say, I am impressed by the quality of the Pinata. It is unlike the $30 worth ones at Parkway Parade or other stores where you can tuck with one hand. This pony is sturdy and tall! It’s a pity I didn’t get E to ‘ride’ on it! Just nice for her to hop on (my friend commented ) after it was hung for the gallows….


For the wall, I chose alphabet balloons to become the focal point. Their 40cm scale was beyond my expectation filling up the walls very quickly. What attracted me was the fresh, yes, Fresh flowers daintily enveloping the full balloon. I couldn’t resist smelling and touching them every now and then. This is such a refreshing and pretty idea!


I had a few more poms poms that hung at the umbrella table roofs, while these 2 lovely tufts sealed the wall decor. E was happy to see so many of her favourite coloured balloons too! It was a good thing I was well prepared with mounting tape- double sided foamed ones. They were the key to attaching the balloons to the wall and Blu Tacs did well to hold all my Buntings and tassels. Do take note that it took us more than half an hour to get all the decor done up securely. I must say this wall made all the difference in welcoming our guests to the party!


Thanks to my hub’s colleague, it was such a great area to have our BBQ pit next to this patch of grassy space. Perfect for our following activities!

Pony Rides


We have our tiny todd who practically rode on the different ponies, charming us with her skills!


Thanks to AN yee yee, who helped our ballerinas weave their very own Ribbon Tutus!


This was unexpectedly a Big Hit with both boys and girls!! The Ribbon Wands! My girl insists on colouring my sketch. I’m glad she did after all. I love her pink with dark polka dots.1-13639451_10153840495882712_1728819612_o

They spent a long time just twirling round and racing with each other across the field. Plus of course rolling themselves into a ribbon bundle to be tickled by each other! With a disposable chopstick and a ribbon, they did their great dance workout.



Pinata time!

The kids thronged like a mob to the monkey bar.


They had to work hard for their treats as our pony is no softie until somebody decided to use hands to accelerate the destruction….lol


With all the happenings, I forgot to take a good photo of our home-made cake by my sister! So this is a cropped version.



You saw right. That is their dear papa who went all out to impress our lil growing too soon girl by gate crashing into the theme with his – “Ballerina’s best friend is the Tin Soldier you know???!!” No wonder Papa’s the best! ; )

I wish we could have  better photos taken, but we shall be content with memorable experiences! We would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for all who came or sent us your well wishes and love gifts!!! This party cannot happen without all of your support!

To E,

Remember this day and all who have joined you along life’s pathways. As you have been so richly blessed, may you grow to be a woman after God’s own heart, ready to serve and love. We thank God for this privilege and honour when a little girl came into our sonstrong lives! We love you as much as your Korkors but with a love that is different for a girl like you. : ) Sorry we left out your effortful design of your Pony’s Tail game as we ran out of time! Thank you for being of good cheer consoling yourself with korkors that you can all play at home together!

Hugs and Kisses,

Papa & Mama


This party was greatly enhanced thanks to the touch of Floral Garage’s timely decoration offer. After checking out the prices from other stores, I can honestly say that they have an upper hand in offering quality decor at a reasonable price compared to others. If you are looking for quality decoration with a touch of floral aura, this will be a convenient place to ‘go’! You can just shop with a tap of your finger.

For our Readers, Floral Garage has kindly offered a 10% discount!

Applicable for ANY SERVICE in their online store! Just key in the below code to enjoy the discount.

Coupon code : GROWINGHEARTS10

Valid Till 31st December 2016

Happy Shopping!

Here’s some tips on how to decorate with tassels and PomPoms.

Party Supplies Infographic (1)

Floral Garage : Website/ Facebook / Instagram

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Disclaimer: Only the party decorations, pinata and balloons were sponsored by The Floral Garage. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger.

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