I Imagine….

I was on the sofa resting and thinking about The Woods in Malacca (read the post Here). Then I imagine myself retiring with my very own Woods in Singapore!

I imagine-

Inhaling in the sweet aroma of my 2 younger sisters’ baking. Fresh brownies, tantalising Tiramisu, freshly brewed coffee and a see-through glass fridge decorated by a rainbow arrays of delicate treats!  My dear sisters who have a penchant and passion for food, the magical hands of chefs and the taste buds of a cupbearer. I always enjoy Whatever storms they cook up! If only I have the means to open a cafe for them! : )

I imagine-

A studio or hallway with freshly painted mural designed by my children to delight the Art-Starved lil souls. The corner where lil fingers and feet can fling and stomp around with purple and orange stains on their pink cheeks. Not for lessons, no no… just FOR FUN and LAUGHTER, for the JOY of ART’s SAKE. The mural will be protected by a film of clear acrylic, so that the paints will not dirty the walls. The tiny hands can create their works of art on the mega ‘wall’ of paper. E.g like in this post. The rest of the walls will be a surprise!

I imagine-

A corner of shelves just for BOOKS! My children’s books can be donated and placed for hungry minds and hearts to be filled! A section for the lost who needs the saviour – a shelf on Who Jesus is. The hungry spirits to fill. A corner where I can tell stories, stories to inspire! Sharing of testimonies of how Great our God the Messiah!

No there won’t be toys. Only recycled and interesting materials to PLAY with and CREATE. Glass beads of sparkling juiced colours, twigs, dried leaves and any natural textured grabs, bubbles to blow, coloured pastas and more!

There will be melodious sonnets, and perhaps even some live performance? By then my kids will be young adults? They can help with the lil ones like I have done for them before.

Okay, this imagination shall stop here or perhaps not?

Perhaps some of what i imagine can be realised in my classrooms and I wonder what fire i can set with a spark of my imagination?

Perhaps… Maybe, in fact, I am realising my dreams in small but creative ways? For the records, I just had a reward session where the kids get to play the recycled wooden pegs that my elder sister saved. She knowing who else better to pass on but to me? : p

Till then, I am content to experience and enjoy with the kids of my own and hopefully inspire the kids whom I teach. : )

Thanks for indulging in my imaginative whim!

How about you? What’s Your Dream?

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