Wah, So Happening!

What’s so Happening for us?

Here are some highlights of the term for the Yeows!

  1. Mama-Me-ya’s Birthday and Night Light Festival Highlights 

Hubs managed to squeeze in the morning to celebrate my birthday with a Hearty Breakfast and tire out our energisers at Fidgets so that I can have a smoother day with kiddos. : ) I had thought my July birthday was fulfilling enough after time spent with family before hubs left for work in the afternoon.


Who knows, hubs was in cahoot with our energetic church cell and gave me the surprise of my life so that I can be entertained while he was at work! Thank You my Love!! Instead of a food delivery dinner, the young adults appeared at my doorstep many hours earlier (we were suppose to have cell later at night). I was given a carrot cake birthday blast and asked to change up for an outing! While changing, I was like ‘I can’t believe this is happening! Am too old liao!!’ 4 members became our babysitters and the others ushered me with a red Uber chauffer. The rest is history. I did my first painting of this size in years since University. Thanks to Mus cell for the craziest plan that touched me deeply and gave me that special time to CREATE for art’s sake! I Thank God for the privilege to be a part of your growing journey in the Lord!


At Arteastiq



Next, we had a night excursion on a saturday as part of our relax cell time. The Night Festival was a literal enlightening experience!  I was introduced to Boost- berry smoothie, St. Marc’s chocolate Croissant and we even shared a mega ‘chow tah’ Charcoal  Kimchi Beef burger! We were all mesmerised by the brilliant bright lights and soulful melodies.







The below light installation had a synchronised lit up moments with the music that was orchestrated! A couple of interesting game boy music and we were guessing what games the artists were trying to  recreate and symphonies that made the light movements of figures a thrill to enjoy!




2. 我们 Yeow Runs!

The Kids had gone for 2016

  1. Stroller Race
  2. NTUC Run 350
  3. Cold Storage Kid’s Run
  4. and today’s SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Half Army Marathon 

Today, I became the official photographer (a.k.a not running). I loved the cheery yellow ‘I Heart my family’ jungle slogan theme. The run was well organised and a surprise element was thrown in when our 800m participants all thronged to the finish line with ADORABLY irresistible furry animal ears-hairbands!!  I adore the Giraffe! This unexpected twist of tenderness from our Macho SAFRA Organisers, made the 800m a jungle roaring success! The success was translated to our home-pretend plays between my kids. My second son was so comfortable with his new ears, he even wore it during dinner and refused to take off while reading his bedtime stories! This is quality stuff. The leopard band will be my Catwoman costume for my coming Super hero themed party.

After the adventurous jungle race, we headed for Citymall to collect our POSB Passion Run for Kids race pack due next Sunday! This time, mama-mia will run my 10km while the boys will do their next 800m race.


3. Family Traditions to Grow?

My hubby had initiated couple dates 4 or 5 years ago and it re-ignited the flame in our marriage. Last year, I decided to set apart time for each individual child. We had resumed our dates with each kid and E’s picnic outing has also been upgraded to alternate weeks of having teatime with mummy in the mall. She is very pleased indeed!


Also, I celebrated the Completion of A’s English Composition e-Course with Sushi, soup and something sweet! He deeply relished it.


4.Refocusing my priorities

As I make time to Savour and Savour the now, I have to consciously make a choice to stop working over-time (OT) taking away precious moments meant for my daughter to grow and enjoy learning with me, or subtracting time from my boys’ basic revision routine. It’s easy to just say I am busy when in actual fact, I need to be disciplined and focused in my work-family juggling act.

So after 7weeks of OT, I finally took measure to

  • Restart my devotional mornings (Read the bible and pray)
  • Bring boys to school
  • kick start my running routine
  • Teach E her morning lessons

before reporting for work.

Here are some interesting lessons we had. : ) I realised my love language is when I spend time teaching them. They too, appreciate and ask for ‘lesson time’ with me.




For more details on my above lesson ideas and resources, please drop by my FaceBook. There are a lot of activities that I do not blog about but I do capture and post on my FB Page.

How has your Term 3 been? We are left with a few more months before 2016 pass by!

How shall we make it count?


What is Your Family’s Love Language?

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