10 Weeks to my GE Maiden 21km!


Hanging on my wall near my exit door, is a 10- weeks training plan.

‘Siao ah?! (Are you Crazy?!) want me to run 10km? Want me to die ah….’ I exclaimed to my sister when she asked if I wanted to join her for a 10km shape run many years ago. I could never understand why my hubby runs like crazy for donkey years and how runners can stand the boring way of exercising by just plodding in a jog.

It took my first  5Km Great Eastern Fun Run 2014 to kickstart this jogging journey and I never looked back. Having a group of like-minded mums who run made the difference!

Before I share my 10 weeks countdown training plan, here’s my journey that led to this moment.

  • 2014I started jogging around my neighbourhood playground while my kiddos played. I jogged about 20mins 3 times a week. Nearing Nov, I hit 4km twice and a 5km once prior to the GE Nov 5km run.
  • 2015: I entered 350NTUC 10km Run in April. That was my first 10km. Along the way, after my June hols, I suffered a painful Archilles tendon injury . That did not prevent me from enjoying my First Couple Fun Run with my hot hubs! In this Post, I share on the practical tips from books and the attitude to cultivate after my year long running stint. From that time on (October), I was running on weekends clocking mileage of 4-6km before my GE 10km Run 2015 .I shed my shy shell and even wore a tutu for the whole run!
  • 2016: I think ‘Run to Love, Love to Run’ sums up my training regime for the first half of the year where I cross train and increase my mileage on weekends. I also ran my first 15km Run in Race against Cancer. This race really stretched every part of me, especially my heart. With the completion of my latest POSB Passion for Kids 10km run, I am ready to embark on the Countdown for my coming Great Eastern Half marathon 2016. (For those who are interested in the All women’s race, GE runs are great for all ages! Fun run, 10km and 21.1km plus Princess Dash! Check out their site and register before it ends on 30th sept)

Why do I share the above? My timing is not impressive. I simply wish to share that I finally see a glimmer of the light in fulfilling our Marathon dream (my hubby and I) after 3 years of working on it! Actually, I did not know what to expect and wonder- how long will I take to reach this goal? Will I be in my 40s or 50s? Or will I be as fast as my friend who ran a full marathon after 1-2 years?

Now I know.


Along these 3 years, my goal of a full marathon has changed to – maintaining a lifestyle of jog-a-walk fitness. The full marathon will be a by-product of our healthy habits and active family living. It is no longer THE goal. Presently, my hubby and I are enjoying our active jogging weekends together with our kids.  Having said that, I find participating in Races help push us and allow milestones for us to stretch our own limits. By setting practical targets like doing 5km for my first year, 10km the next year and now 21km in my third year, my body is slowly being equipped for the next challenge.

I found a good training plan in Runner’s World Magazine for a half marathon. It states that it’s for athletes. Since I am no athlete, this is just a guide on how to slowly increase my mileage. I have typed out and converted the miles into km and adapted the days of the weeks according to my own needs. Note: One must be comfortable running 8km before following this plan.

I will be following the Saturday plans more stringently and resting for 2-3 days instead of 1 day. Ever since I recovered from my Archilles injury, I made special effort to strengthen my hip abductors and archilles during the week. I also had painful knees in the past. However, after these few years of strength and core training plus the jog-a-walk method I employ, my knees became happy in going the distances with me.

Recently, I joined Active SG‘s Piloxing programme and used part of my $100 credit. I find Piloxing an effective way to strengthen the core, my balance and stretches the unused parts of our muscles. This greatly enhances the body posture (especially the back) and aids in my running. Thus Piloxing will be under my Cross train days. I am mainly focusing on the mileage distances to cover for the saturdays and will try to follow the weekday runs when I can since weekdays are limited in time and energy. Click on the PDF file to download the plan.

Runner’s World : Half-Marathon-Training Plan 

With the recent buzz over our Olympian Gold Medallist Joseph Schooling ‘s 100m Butterfly event and now the latest on our Paralympic World Record breaking Swimmer Yip Pin Xiu in the 100m Backstroke, we are soaking in the national attention that they have brought to our country. We share their victories but perhaps not so much of their quiet moments before the fame. It is their lifetime of training that prepared them for such momentous victory. They have been inspiring.

This not only applies to all athletes, it also applies to YOU and me. I had a dream and it took ONE Step to begin. At the end of it, we may not have medals of recognition for our efforts, but what is more lasting than that is the process of growing in our character and refining of our values.

Lastly, I thank God for the healthy body to go through such physical training together with my loved ones! As I pursue this physical training, I am mindful

1 Timothy 4:8 (NIV)

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.

Running long distance has also opened another route for me to commune with God and redirect my thoughts and energy in a God-centred manner. How about you?

How do You take time to keep Fit Physically and Spiritually? Would love to hear you share!

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