Pizza & D. Pedal Party Prep!

J finally decided on a Pizza-Making Party coupled with his love for drums and sports.

A great friend recommended this recipe for us to do in advance the pizza dough and I loved how easy and time saving it was! I did our First home-made movie on DIY pizza dough after learning some techniques from an online course I took. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making the pizza dough.

This recipe is taken from

This activity with 3 kids taking turns to do a batch each, takes about 2hours inclusive of baking time. Average adult will be able to complete under 15mins for preparation of the dough since it took only 10mins for the dough to rest and rise.

Our home-made herbs and Olive oil consist of garlic powder, basil and marjoram plus salt and pepper. the pizza base were frozen once cooled and ready to bake with toppings. Look out for our next post on how we made our own tomato based paste and the toppings we used!

Next, we searched and found only the below video which was close enough for us to DIY our own drum pedal. After watching it the umpteenth times, J figured out how the rubber bands were to be lodged in between the legos. I decided to take photos of our process so that it can be done with more ease.

  1. Prepare the shell structure with sturdy cardboards.

We recycled boxes and the cake base was used for the pedal. J learnt how to use a pen knifee carefully by going over the same line repeatedly until it cuts through.


2. Prepare the rubber ball and a pencil. Poke a hole and insert the pencil.

3. Lodge the rubber band in between the 2 legos


4. Assemble and join them as below. At this point, I tested this structure and it failed to spring back. J then spotted that there was an ice cream stick which I missed out in this assemblage.


5. I added the ice-cream stick under the legos onto the strip of cardboard before covering the strip up with black duct tape.


6. Attach the extension to the back of the ‘pedal’ board.


7. Finally, instead of using hot glue gun, I improvised by positioning the lego base to the sides of the shell structure using the paper clips as wires to pin them down. In this way, I can release the tension anytime and have a firmer grip. Hot glue gun may not work as it may dislodge after a period of tension.




We had spent half a day just exploring and figuring out how to DIY this and the result was sweet success! I always enjoy brainstorming with the kids on how they can DIY their own. It provides great opportunity to bond and space to experiment till we make things work.

Are You ready to DIY your own pizza together with your kids? Go ahead, let me know how it went?

Do look out for the next video on using our home-made drum pedal and Pizza topping affair soon!

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