Ergo ipad Stand Review and Giveaway!

I have been attending an ecourse on ‘flipping the artroom’ from the Art of Education. I started attending their online conference and course with the support of my school for professional development training.

Basically, I have been working on learning the techniques and strategies for flipping the Art room. This includes majorly the video recordings of my own lessons to be used in the classroom setting! Imagine for my first assignment, I was supposed to create a 30seconds video on anything. As I did not have a camera stand, I resorted to using my laptop for recording and ended up having to crane my neck in order to check if my actions were out of the camera’s view. Why my laptop? Because as a newbie, I wanted the fastest way-to instantly use my videos straight from the laptop without hassle of transferring from other devices. I knew I had to find a solution to this problem. Either I get a camera stand or improvise with something.

Imagine my excitement when I found PRIMERO‘s offer for me to review their laptop and ipad stands! Under normal circumstances, i do not take up offers that are non related to my parenting and education blog. God knew I needed a solution and provided the very next day after my first video recording! Lastly, what turned out to be an improvised solution to my video recordings, became a real uplifting experience for our family. I shall recount my experience of the benefits in point forms. My friend remarked that overseas, this is common practice for worker’s companies to invest for their workplace. However, singapore is still lagging behind in our concerns for ergonomics work environment.

1. PRIMERO Ergo Silver Laptop Stand

  • Solid metal aluminium panel which does not cave in under my harsh typing (my hubby asked if that was my enemy when he first saw how vigorously I typed!)
  • My laptop is no longer heated up with long usage.


  • it literally forced me to uplift my head and sit up straight instead of slouching. This is especially liberating for my sister who is more than 1.7m tall when she came to use my laptop for her work.


Like it or not,my posture was forced to straighten up. **However, please note that the PRIMERO Ergo Silver Laptop Stand is for those with extended keyboard and mouse. I got this mainly for my teaching video recording purposes. For those who do not have the external keyboard, the ErgoSilver Laptop Riser would be more suitable. You would be able to type comfortably, while raising your laptop to a height that’s more comfortable and relaxing for regular use. It’s also smaller and more portable. If I wish to use this as a long term working laptop, I have to get an external keyboard to ease my hands.

  • Videorecording became a less straining job with this elevated stand. I could view the  position of my actions better than before. It’s a pity their adjustable stand is out of stock for my review.


2. UP ErgoLight

  • This is a handy surprise. It is lightweight and has a length of an ipad’s breadth making a great travel companion. It is versatile for mobile phones, ipads and laptops.



  • I love how it is adjustable in height and has wide angle range. A uses my laptop to do his school work which requires minimum typing. *However, I do not recommend laptops as a permanent working stand. It is not solid enough for my constant typing and feels uncomfortable with the edges of the spokes sticking out.


  • This is excellent as an ipad and mobile phone stand. A now automatically retrieves it when using the ipad. In the past, we used to stack books as a stand. This aids his posture greatly.


  • Lastly, this stand is a solution to my video recording woes. Notice how I used a pipe cleaner to ‘extend’ my phone so that it does not capture the leg of the stand at that particular angle. Now I can apply my video recording skills on my home affairs too! Watch out for more home-made videos.


Overall, I am satisfied with the above products except for an initial glitch in their delivery service. It improved subsequently as I waited for the UP Ergolight stock to arrive. Other than that, their manager has been accommodating and I know their products will make great gifts for Christmas too! PRIMERO also has a practical article to show how you can alleviate back pain with a simple exercise. For those with back problems, do check out HERE.

Want to know how useful the stand is? Enter our Giveaway!

PRIMERO has kindly offered a UP ErgoLight worth $24.99 to a Reader of GrowingHearts!

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  5. Closing Date of Giveaway: 15/11/2016 (2359)
  6. Winners of my previous Giveaways will not be eligible to participate in this giveaway.
  7. Winners must respond to my email within 48 hours or another winner will be selected. The company will liaise directly with the winner for the delivery of product.


Dear All, Thank you for your participation! Results have been randomly selected by Rafflecopter. All blog and facebook comments have been intact and included in the rafflecopter widget. Congratulations to

The Winner of this giveaway : Shu H.


PRIMERO Laptop Stands and Computer Accessories: Web/ Facebook

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Disclaimer: The above products are sponsored by PRIMERO. No other compensation was made. All opinions are 100% genuine from the blogger.

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